MyPictureDay: Hope to see that beautiful sunset in three weeks again...

in hive-194913 •  10 days ago 

Hi guys,

I decided to start participating at another weekly contest, hosted by @timsaid. You can read more about it on the following link:

Photography was taken back in February 2017 when I was in Iceland for about a week. Iceland is not a big country, but week for all its beauties is far to less. That is reason to go back there and I am going (if whole Covid situation will allow us) there in exactly three weeks time.
Can't wait to see sunset like that one again...


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Great landscape picture my friend...

Have a nice day...

Thank you!

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Beautiful view, sunset and sunrise by the beach are always special. Love the reflection of golden light on the sea waves 👌

Thank you for your view on it.
I like the mist in the background on that photography. It gives it a special effect :)

great landscape photo! golden lights impressive!

Just been on the right place at the right time :)

Yes, true :)