Check out this mind blowing song by me "I love to praise your name..... That's my hubby" #badass singer#

in hive-193816 •  13 days ago 

Yeepy!!!.. Praising Jesus name is my hubby... I guess that should be everyone's hubby too!

I was actually in the church premises when i had this musical feeling 😇. Then I thought of which song I could sing 🎶and play the guitar with 🎸.. Then I was inspired to sing this..


This picture indicates that moment that I got the perfect progression for the song.. Oh yeah, what a wonderful feeling..


And this is when i finally got ready with the progression and the song.. 🎶🎸🎸




I love to praise your name
I love to lift you up

We bless your name
Sweet Jesus

I love to praise your name
I love to lift you high

We bless your name
Sweet Jesus

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