Quarantine Life Day 183 / My Actifit Report Card: September 13 2020

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Good day Actifitters!

Seems like a busy Monday to many people from our village. I can hear vehicles passing by. Also, the weather is fine. Though I can sense it will rain today.

Meanwhile, the total of Covid19 cases globally is 28.88 million already. Based on the data provided here, the most affected countries are the following with current data:

  • United States - 6.61 million
  • India - 4.75 million
  • Brazil - 4.33 million
  • Russia - 1.06 million

Philippines has total cases of 261k, with massive increase of recoveries now at 207k. There's a spike of new cases here in Pangasinan as reported by PHO. The total active cases climbed from 82 to 102.

Actifit Report

With only 3,002 activity counts, it means I didn't reach my goal again. I expected it because I won't be busy with physical activities other than doing my daily activities, chores, and walking.

I attended our meetings in sign language in the morning which went well. We had two hours of break, and we continued our meetings in the afternoon. I had headaches again because of overexposure in the computer but it was gone by taking a rest.

Before the nighttime comes...
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Daily Activity, House Chores, Walking


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