Quarantine Life Day 182 / My Actifit Report Card: September 12 2020

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Good morning Actifitters!

It's Sunday, and I don't hear that much noise outdoors. No people around, few vehicles passing by. It's kind of gloomy today after it rained twice last night. Good thing we haven't had brownout.

As we're still under quarantine, nothing to expect that much. Though the total cases continue to go up now at 28.6 million. Countries with the most cases: United States 6.57 million, India 4.65 million, Brazil 4.31 million, and Russia 1.05 million.

Unsure if the tally is updated but the total here in the Philippines is 257k, while recoveries is already 187k. More data per country here. As new cases are confirmed here in Pangasinan, the new total active cases is 84, as reported by PHO.

Actifit Report

My total activity counts yesterday is 4,553, and it shows I didn't reach my goal again. Though that's quite close. I didn't do much physical stuff except some exercises, chores, and walking.

I had joined the deaf field service online in the morning, and updated Deaf Contact Records. Also, I worked online, and joined the study of my friend with her deaf student.

River meets the sea. This is a throwback picture I captured almost a year ago.

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