Quarantine Life Day 181 / My Actifit Report Card: September 11 2020

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Good day Actifitters!

It's Saturday again, and here I am just done joining online deaf field service as I usually do. Reflecting about this quarantine situation, there is a need to keep moving instead of just sitting down. I know I need this because I am gaining weight despite my exercises, which may not be enough.

Regarding Covid19, total cases is already at 28.3 million. The hardest hit countries or those which reached more than a million remains: United States - 6.52 million, India - 4.56 million, Brazil - 4.28 million, and Russia - 1.05 million. Here in the Philippines, the total is already 252k, including 186k recoveries. More data here. After a number of recoveries, total active cases dropped to 66 yesterday here in Pangasinan. New cases brought it to 71 last night, and new cases today caused the total active cases to 75 as reported by PHO.

Actifit Report

I failed to reach 5,000 activity counts, only at 4,300+. I had failed to give it an attention, but I am aiming to reach the goal today. Yesterday, I had walked around, did my chores, and exercised. Though, it wasn't enough to achieve my goal.

I taught in sign language again in the afternoon, and gladly I didn't have an headache despite being at the front of the computer for hours. Perhaps I need to put on my eyeglasses, as I usually remove it because it feels uncomfortable at times.

Before the sunset with this view. I hope I can go back to the beach again.

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