Quarantine Life Day 180 / My Actifit Report Card: September 10 2020

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Good day Actifitters!

It's Friday, and the days moving so quick. Months are moving in such a pace, and we've been in this quarantine situation for several months. Yes, we're closing to the 6th month in this stay at home situation.

No matter whatever was fed on us regarding coronavirus, I prefer to go to the safe side. The tally worldwide is nearing 28 million already with 27.9 million. United States remains with the highest number with 6.47 million, India at second with 4.46 million, Brazil at third with 4.2 million, and Russia with 1.04 million.

Philippines now has 248k, while recoveries is slowly going up at 186k. More data here. The scenario has been the same here in Pangasinan. New recoveries, and new cases. At the moment, as reported by PHO, the total active cases is 76.

Actifit Report

I didn't reach my goal yesterday, and accumulated 4,490 activity counts. I may haven't been aware when I always have my phone with me, but I should've reach the goal. I did my exercises, chores, and walking around.

I joined our deaf field service online in the morning as I set up the meeting. Gladly, I didn't have headache. I also taught my deaf student in the afternoon with my sister. Afterwards, I watched a movie while taking a rest.

Looking after some photos on my phone, I quickly miss those days when I can go to the beach without the fears of Covid19. Those days when I get some fresh air after walking and jogging.
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