My Actifit Report Card: May 20 2020

in hive-193552 •  14 days ago 

Good morning Steemians, Hiveians, and Actifitters!

I reached more than 4,500 activity counts yesterday, and it's pretty close to 5,000. Well, I am gonna try again this day if I am going to achieve that.

Yesterday, I have been busy with lots of tasks. After preparing and eating my breakfast, I have to work online. I also prepared our lunch, but I did deaf preaching online by myself.

In the afternoon, I taught sign language online again, and it was fun to see the students again. Afterwards, I made a special dinner, and had them without rice. I will share about that soon.

See what I am cooking? I will share about that soon.

Daily Activity, House Chores, Walking

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