My Actifit Report Card: May 8 2020

in hive-193552 •  27 days ago 

Good afternoon Steemians, Hiveians, and Actifitters!

I am back with my report. Though I haven't reach the minimum goal of 5,000, I still reached more than 4,000 activity counts yesterday.
My activities yesterday:

  • Exercises with strectching, such as sit-ups, planking, and push-ups.

  • Cooking all our meals.

  • Jogging and walking around the yard.

  • Walking around the house.

  • Working online.

  • Watering, and planting some seeds.

It's been hot here as temperatures is ranging from more or less than 50 degrees Celsius. There's a need of caution when exposed in heat. Well, maybe one of the few advantages of quarantine is away from the dangers of the sun's heat.

Due to the hot weather here, I miss going to places such as this in the picture because of the cold weather there. I can't believe it's been 2 years when I went there.

Daily Activity, House Chores, Jogging, Walking

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