Street art exhibition in Bologna – Mostra di arte di strada a Bologna

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Hello everyone!

Finally the exhibitions in my city are back and I immediately took the opportunity to visit a new exhibition about street art! I thought of sharing some photos with you, let me know what you think!

Thanks for stopping by on my blog.

See you next time,



Ciao a tutti!

Finalmente sono tornate le mostre nella mia città e ne ho subito approfittato per andare a visitare una nuova mostra riguardante la street art! Ho deciso di condividere con voi alcune foto, fatemi sapere cosa ne pensate!

Grazie per essere passati sul mio blog.

Alla prossima,





















Wow some of these are so powerful. I loved them all.

I love that your city is opened up for exhibitions. I miss that. We're still on lockdown here in Toronto.

Such beautiful artwork.

Are you an artist too? I mean I saw your embroidery post (and I cannot believe that was your first time that's super impressive and on @ryzeonline's level. He is great at any art he picks up and pretty much anything new that he learns.) You did a beautiful job.

Which ones of these pieces did you like the most? I think I like the little red robot the most but they're all beautiful.

I'm glad you posted these. They made me happy. I LOVE all kinds of art.

~love, Cyn

Hi! Thanks so much for the kind words! Well I'm not an artist, but I like to try and share my little progress here on Hive :)
I think my favorite piece is the one with the woman and the train gallery/heart, it's very impressive because is sooo large and covers the entire wall of a building (but I don't know if it's clear from the photos).
Thank you for your comment and have a nice day ❤️😊

Well I was quite impressed with your first go.

And I didn't realize the one with the woman and the train covers the entire wall. Its a lovely piece too.

Thank you for sharing this lovely art. Wishing you a lovely evening.


Sono davvero una più bella dell'altra
!LUV 1
@tipu curate

Sono d'accordo! Adoro questo tipo di arte😊

Bellissime!!! Grazie per aver condiviso queste opere con noi! Quella che mi è piaciuta più di tutti è quella con il robottino sul segnale stradale.

Anche a me piace moltissimo 😊😊 grazie per il commento, buona giornata!

The first mural is stunning... And all the works of the exhibition look great especially the robots on the road signs. Thanks for sharing all these pics, The StreetArt Community.

Wow, I didn't even know this community existed! I subscribed :) :) thanks a lot for your comment!❤️

Spettacolari! Queste le trovo più adatte alla street-art pura. E poi mi ricordano che devo smettere.

Molto esplicative!! 😊 effettivamente rende bene il concetto che il fumo è dannoso per la salute...

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Thanks for your work 😊

Grazie di aver condiviso queste particolari e belle opere artistiche.
Io tra l'altro adoro la street art!
!discovery 30

Grazie mille per il supporto 😊😊 è vero sono proprio originali devo dire!

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Aww thank you :)

De nada @delilhavores, es un placer 😊🌹👍

Thank you :)