I haven't played a chess tournament in a very long time. On my way to ...

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I haven't played a chess tournament in a very long time. On my way to the first one in many years. It's blitz, so not as serious.
But I wonder if I've still got it. Let the games begin!

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I already forgot what chess pieces look like), but you reminded me)

Chess is very popular in your region right? Have you ever played professionally?

To do this, at least, you need to be a professional in this matter, no, just a lover of playing chess and nothing more.

It's been years since I played Chess against a human, (except maybe random online games I won't remember,) I think #Chess is one of the best games humanity have created!

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Agreed, it is one of the best games. And really helps with strategical thinking. Just like in the game I always try to think a few moves ahead in real life.

Good luck! I can't say I've ever played it a tournament, I just enjoy playing chess! Cash prize or nah?

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No cash prizes, it was more of a party tournament, because my club turned 50 years old this week. So as one of the "top" from the past I had to come out of my cave and make an appearance. 6th place is not bad though after almost 5 years. Won 5 out of 7 rounds.
I got beaten by 2 kids in the rounds I lost. !LOL

Not bad at all, my dude! Well played! And how special to be involved in the 50th anniversary of the club! I'll bet that was a fun time for ya!

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So cool bro. My son just started developing an interest in the game so I'm hoping he'll maintain the interest so I'll be able to have someone to play with at home.

All the best with the tournament bro.

Awesome! It's always helpful when there is someone at home to play with to maintain his interest. So be sure to keep challenging him.

Will do. So how was it?

It was a fun time with old friends, other chess players that I haven't seen in a long time. And the vibe of an in-person tournament was also nostalgic.

I ended up in 6th place and my little sister in 5th, both with 5 rounds won out of 7 rounds. No prizes, but not bad for a semi-comeback.

Sounds like you and your sister are pros bro.

Well done.

No prizes what?!!! I'm just kidding. The satisfaction of the win is a great feeling. Upwards and onwards bro.

Pros in Suriname maybe, internationally we have a long way to go. !LOL

There were prizes for places 1, 2 and 3.

Well either way it's a great way to pass the time.

Indeed. Sometimes a LOT of time.

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All the best. Let us know how it went. Lol

6th out of 37. No prizes, but it was fun to be back in the competitive tournament setting.


Wow!! That’s amazing. Congrats!!untitled.gif

Best wishes, and let us know how you did! 😃

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I ended up in 6th place, winning 5 out of 7 rounds. But more importantly it was a fun night with food, nostalgia and old friends.

Nice! And good job.

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