From three Playful Ginger Kittens to just one kitten in the flat this week

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Since last week, the community kitten population in our flat premises decreased, with the 3 ginger kittens I have been writing about, now reduced to just one in the flat premises. What happened to the other 2 kittens I do not know.



Maybe about a week back they separated ways from living with their Mom to living on their own, post that I think on Tuesday there is just one sole ginger kitten around the flat.


Together these kitties entertained each other as can be expected by playing.

Here is a video with them playing football -

And here they are engaged playing among themselves on the cardboard box -

Here two kitties, most probably the 2 kittens that have gone are playing some paw fight game amongst themselves -

Now, I see just one kitten by itself which is great at hunting pigeons and definitely rats as well but that does not prevent it from meowing for milk still.


Here are my house cats as compared to these wilder breeds of cats.


Rarely my cat Garu does unexpected things like shocking the neighbour by jumping to their house sneaking to one un-netted balcony, but their life is more or less the same and constant unlike these street cats whose life keeps changing constantly.


Happy Caturday.

catgaru 2.jpg

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