Sad Caturday

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Hello, my friends.

Hello, cat lovers.

## And now **Сaturday** has come again.
[![apc_0772.jpg]()]() 2 weeks of May flew by like one day. It seems to me that only yesterday my daughter and her cats Tomik and Marik came to visit me, but today they are already leaving. We don't even guess when they will come to visit us again now. They have a lot to do in Moscow. They need to move to a new apartment this summer, which they are currently improving. Maybe I can visit them in the summer, but I also have a lot of things planned for this summer.
[![apc_0773.jpg]()]() My wife and I love it very much when our children come to visit us. They live far away from us. 2 days ago, my son came to visit with his wife and granddaughter. We spent 2 wonderful evenings with a full family. We talked a lot, played a lot in our courtyard. And we also played mind games. The son also brought his cat. But he will live with his wife's parents.
[![apc_0767.jpg]()]() Russian singer Alla Pugacheva sang a song with the words "Parting is a little death." Of course, this is not quite true, but there are thoughts in my head - tomorrow we will not be able to have dinner together, take a walk in the woods. Tomorrow there won't be so many cats in the apartment. Such thoughts make me sad. And my wife also says how bad it is that our children live so far away from us.
[![apc_0770.jpg]()]() I tell my daughter - leave the cats at home, they are very happy here, they are comfortable here. But I know that my daughter will never agree to do such a thing. And my mom says to my son-in-law - it's time to babysit the children, not play with cats.
That's how sad caturday turned out today.
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