A Drone Flight over the river || Zug || Austria

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I am excited to write my first post in the brand new drone community, started just a week ago by @ksteem, a much promising community bringing all the great Drone content creators together, to learn from each other and to share our posts and stories.

Besides, there is also a cool contest hosted by @ksteem, so hereby I am joining and I am asking you to join too if you have a drone! Anyway, let's get to the flight!

It was my last day in Zug when I decided to have one last flight with my drone to shoot the trees, one of the things I love the most as a subject for my drone. I walked down to the river, to the cross country ski trail, since I imagined it to be beautiful from a different angle.

This is the picture I would like to use for the contest

I do really love the picture shot from above

This picture is my second choice, the first picture could have been taken from a hill or something, but a picture straight from above like this can only be done from above

There is actually a really nice hiking and cross country skiing trail along this river, around 10 KM one way, passing by Zug, and the very well known wintersport village called Lech

I must say honestly, I am not the best drone pilot, and I had some struggles landing it as it went to the wrong place when I used the fly home function. It did not return ''home'', to the spot where the drone took off, but somewhere 30 meter away, very close to the river. Luckily I could still see it and guide it to a safe place to land. I might have lost it if it went to the forest instead. A drone is such a fun toy to play with, but easy and expensive to damage or lose! But let's enjoy it while we can. One thing is sure anyway, someday it will break or crash really badly and I hope the fun of it was worth it then :)


And last but not least, here you can see how small Zug is. The village might look like a farmers village, but most of the buildings are actually hotels, restaurants or employee's houses. But the thing I love the most about Zug is that it only requires a 5 minutes walk to be in the middle of nature!


All of the pictures above are taken with the DJI Spark.
I hope you liked my drone shots, thanks for passing by and don't forget to check out the new Drone Community!



Very nice shots. I am glad you were able to land it safely. And thanks for introducing me to a new community!

Thanks for posting in our new #Drone community Sascha! These are great, although I must say that last one is my favorite. The mountains there are spectacular!

Yes they are! It is a truly wonderful place, even after 4 months of living here. I am gonna miss it.

I hope that a lot of people will join this new community soon! It was a great idea to start it!

A wise man once told me "There's no such thing as failure, as long as you don't put a time limit on it and give up". I'm nothing if not persistent. I've been here over 4 years now, and plan to be here at least that long again. I'll keep at it as long as needed until it becomes successful. Hopefully it won't be that long. I'll consider it successful if, no when we reach the 100 follower mark and can earn some extra Ecency rewards to promote larger payouts! Great traction so far in the first week, let's keep the hive buzzing about it.
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Those shots turned out great, I love snow!

very cool pictures! The river is beautiful and kinda gives some movement to the pictures. I still need to take my drone to get some snow shots, hopefully next winter.

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Beautiful shots! Zug is such a gem. You must miss it after you’re gone!