Quarteira Beach🌊 / Playa Quarteira pt🧭 (video-drone)🛫

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Hello friends! A hug to this super community addicted to the videodrone! today I prepared a short video of one of the most visited beaches in summer by English tourists from "algarve", the magic of this beach is because its tide is not so strong which allows you to bathe calmly! don't expect to get it like this in summer! anyway... It was my opportunity since there was no crowd of people to record! enjoy my video!🧭🌊🤽‍♂️

Hola amigos! un abrazo a esta super comunidad adicta al videodrone! hoy prepare un video corto de una de las playas mas visitadas en verano por turistas ingleses de "algarve", la magia de esta playa es por que su marea no es tan fuerte lo que permite bañarte tranquilamente! no esperes conseguirla asi en verano! en fin... Era mi oportunidad ya que no habia multitud de personas para grabar! disfruta mi video!🛫🏊‍♀️🐠




The beaches of the Algarve are some of the most visited by tourists in all of Europe! and it is that they offer a very good temperature to take a dip in summer! Algarve is located in the south of Portugal, there are many activities available for you in these tourist sites! from cave tours with boats to kayaking! some also surf! I thought it was an opportunity to practice with my Drone, although I already feel very comfortable with it, I don't even dare to go through obstacles!😃😃
Las playas de algarve son unas de las mas visitadas por turistas en toda europa! y es que ofrecen una temperatura muy buena para darte un chapuzon en verano! Algarve esta ubicada al sur de Portugal, hay muchas actividades disponibles para ti en estos sitios turisticos! desde visitas a cuevas con barcos hasta andar en kayak! algunos tambien practican Surf! a mi me parecio una oportunidad para practicar con mi Drone aunque ya me siento muy comodo con el no me atrevo aun a pasar por obstaculos!🤽‍♂️🏊‍♀️




I wanted to take some photos from the Drone but I didn't feel comfortable because there were people taking "sun" and well we know that some people feel comfortable without clothes! The Drone is something very delicate, it's not just lifting it in the air and taking videos or photos! We must be very conscientious and professional when filming in places like "beaches, swimming pools" so I never fly my drone over people! although the law allows me! I just can't fly the drone over crowds!🤽‍♂️😃
Queria tomar unas fotos desde el Drone pero no me senti comodo porque habian personas tomando "sol" y bueno sabemos que algunas personas se sienten comodas sin ropa! el Drone es algo muy delicado no es simplemente levantarlo al aire y tomar videos o fotos! debemos ser muy conscientes y profesionales al momento de hacer filmajes en sitios como "playas, piscinas" asi que nunca paso mi drone sobre personas! aunque la ley me lo permite! solo no puedo volar el drone sobre multitudes!🧭✅











Of the beaches that I visited on my short vacations, my favorite was this one! At first it was very calm, the tide is quite weak! It wasn't very crowded and the best of all was the landscape that it provided me since there is a transition between the Atlantic, lakes and a beautiful forest! I did not want to pass the drone over the birds but there were many species of waterfowl and waders! some come with tents to spend a romantic evening on the beach as it is very safe!😃🤯
De las playas que visite en mis cortas vacaciones mi preferida fue esta! primeramente era muy tranquila, la marea es bastante debil! no estaba muy llena de personas y lo mejor de todo el paisaje que me proporciona ya que hay una transicion entre el atlantico, lagos y una linda floresta! no quise pasar el drone por encima de las aves pero habian muchas especies de aves acuaticas y limicolas! algunos vienen con carpas a pasar una velada romantica en la playa ya que es muy segura!😁💥💖️‍



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Wow very lovely place to be with the amazing pictures shared to showcase such wonderful and beautiful places.

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