Forest of Fanal Portugal🌏🌳 / Bosque de Fanal Portugal🛫

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On the mysterious island of Madeira in Portugal is one of the most visited forests on the planet! it is a small green lung full of mysteries and exuberant beauty, WELCOME TO THE FOREST OF FANAL! if we want to visit it we must go to the nature reserve of Laurisilva, walk about 10 kilometers if you do trails or climb about 1420 meters high! every tourist knows that if you visit Madeira you should take a walk through this forest! but what is so special about it?🌳🌄💚

En la misteriosa isla de Madeira en Portugal se encuentra uno de los bosques mas visitados del planeta! se trata de un pequeño pulmon verde lleno de misterios y belleza exhuberante, BIENVENIDOS AL BOSQUE DE FANAL! si queremos visitarlo debemos ir a la reserva natural de Laurisilva, caminar unos 10 kilometros si haces senderos o subir unos 1420metros de altura! todo turista sabe que si visitas Madeira debes darte un paseo por este bosque! pero que tiene de especial?🚙🚩🌏🧭


The Fanal forest is one of the main tourist attractions of the tropical island of Madeira, it is visited by thousands of tourists a year in search of challenges, mysteries and knowledge! It is located north of Madeira and surprisingly it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the 90's for its natural history!🚩🌏
El bosque de Fanal es uno de los principales atractivos turistico de la isla tropical de Madeira, es visitado por miles de turistas al año en busca de retos, misterios y conocimientos! esta localizado al norte de Madeira y sorprendentemente fue decretado como Patrimonio de la UNESCO en los años 90 por su historia natural!🌳🌿🌲🍃


To an inexperienced eye we only see many very bushy and strange trees but each tree hides its mystery! here in the forest of Fanal we can find many trees that are more than 500 years old, if we travel to the past we could find many forests of this kind in southern Europe but over the centuries it has been disappearing from the continent and Madeira shelters and protects this heritage natural! In addition to Madeira we will only get 2 places in the world with this vegetation, the Canary Islands and the Azores, which also belongs to Portugal!🌿🌏🚩
Para un ojo inexperto solo vemos muchos arboles muy tupidos y extraños pero cada arbol esconde su misterio! aqui en el bosque de Fanal podemos encontrarnos muchos arboles con mas de 500 años de antiguedad, si viajamos al pasado podriamos encontrarnos muchos bosques de este genero en el sur de europa pero con los siglos ha estado desapareciendo del continente y Madeira abriga y resguarda este patrimonio natural! ademas de Madeira solo conseguiremos en el mundo 2 lugares con esta vegetacion las canarias y los azores que tambien pertenece a Portugal!🧭🌳



The mystery of the forest is present when in just a matter of seconds the landscape goes from being green and bright to being completely blocked by mist and is the main attraction of this beautiful tourist site! Despite being a protected nature reserve, we have access to fly the drone with great caution and take the opportunity to take some shots so you can see the change in the atmosphere! I was lucky that there was not much wind!🧭💚🌄
El misterio del bosque se hace presencia cuando en tan solo cuestion de segundos el paisaje pasa de ser verde y brillante a estar totalmente bloqueado por neblina y es el principal atractivo de este lindo sitio turistico! apesar de ser una reserva natural protegida tenemos acceso de volar el drone con mucha precaucion y aproveche en hacer unas tomas para que puedas ver el cambio en la atmosfera! tuve suerte que no habia mucho viento!🚙🌲




It was a short experience of only thirty minutes inside the mysterious forest that rises to more than a thousand meters high, basically throughout the year we could run into humid vegetation and an atmosphere full of mist! you can practically visit the site at any time of the year! my warning is as it is a very high area, do not fly the drone beyond your field of vision, you must be very careful if you pass it through the forest because in high places the gusts of wind are unpredictable! and finally YOU CAN NOT MISS THIS EXPERIENCE!😮😮
Fue una experiencia corta de tan solo treinta minutos dentro del misterioso bosque que se eleva a mas de mil metros de altura, basicamente durante todo el año podriamos toparnos con una vegetacion humeda y una atmosfera llena de neblina! practicamente puedes visitar el sitio en cualquier parte del año! mi advertencia es como es una zona muy alta no vueles el drone mas alla de tu campo de vision, debes ser muy cuidadoso si lo pasas entre el bosque porque en sitios altos las rafagas de viento son impredescibles! y por ultimo NO PUEDES PERDERTE DE ESTA EXPERIENCIA!😅😎🌳🚩


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Looks great to see the forest and trees all green. Our forest just starting to bud again after losing all their leaves for winter. Thanks for posting in our new group!

Thank you for voting and commenting on the post! I always try to publish in multiple communities to support as much as possible, and of course now I will upload the videos of the drones here

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