Ukrainian Mavic 3 Sky Snipes Russian Troops

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Video of Russian troops being injured by Mortar dropped by Mavic 3 drone. Warning! Explicit violence. Not my videos, but see the link. Published yesterday by Will Kilmore, a writer for Funker530.

It looks as if at least one killed or severely injured, and at least one more hit by shrapnel and crawling away.

Wow, and I just saw another where they dropped one into a car sunroof. Posted on the Ytube by Krishnaraj Rao.

Holy cow.
It looks like consumer drones can be used for much more than just pretty pictures and videos.

Just for the record, I don't hate Russians. I have several friends there. I DO however have issue with anyone that follows orders from corrupt, idiot leadership and invade other countries in takeover attempts. The "soldiers" need to grow a pair, stand up to their leadership and take them down, or be taken out like the rabid vermin they are.

Hugs for the Ukrainians out there.

May your hearts be strong and your Mortars fly true.


Whoa these are some hectic videos.

Right? It was one thing to hear about it, but to actually see it in action definitely puts a different spin to it.

Kudos to the drone operator for being that accurate. The sun roof shot was .. that would've been either god level trajectory calculation or hand of god kind of intervention since that car was reversing.

The vehicle started moving well after the mortar was halfway down. I think it would have still hit the vehicle, but no such thing as coincidence, only synchronicity.

or serendipity

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I don't think its a mortar, the explosion is far too small. A mortar shell would also be too heavy for a drone, and it seems to have at least 2 on board.
This looks more like a custom made IED, that has perhaps 30-50g explosive or so. At close distance like inside a car, mixed with some nuts and bolts, thats bad enough. The IRA used to use them in Northern Ireland in the 70s. Like in a box of matches or cigarettes, that explodes when you pick it up, placed in a pub as if its "forgotten".

Interesting. I'm no military Mortar expert. But it seems the Mavic would indeed be limited to some home-made version. Research I could find shows the Mavic 3 can lift and carry about 764 gram (1.68 lbs) and that standard military mortars weigh about 1.43kg-1.8kg (3.15 lb-4.1lb). Wouldn't surprise me if they made mistake on the name. The Matrice, and others would certainly be more than capable. Some of them capable of multiple even.
(photo courtesy of

I went by the news claim on the first link, the second one I don't think specifies what model of drone it was. To your point, I thought the explosion on the first one looked a little lame for a military mortar, but I'm no expert. They sure both have zoom cams that at least look like the Mavic3 though.

A explosion of a 60mm mortar shell inside the car would have killed everybody instantly and ripped half the car apart. Thats about the smallest size of mortars. Thenthere are rifle grenades, which are smaller but also make a bigger explosion than whats in the video. Also, both types have complicated fuse mechanisms. They wont detonate if you just drop them, they need to get launched first. Thats a safety feature.
Like I said earlier, I think the "bombs" were made especially for that use. If you can deliver them so precisely, they dont have to be big. Those guys in the car are not fighting again any time soon. Other Russian soldiers will have to take them back to a field hospital, where they get treatment ect. - that way this tiny bomb keeps a dozen people busy and prevents them from fighting. That is more efficient than just blow them up and kill them.
We are witnessing the next step in drone warfare in Ukraine. No need for super expensive sophisticated drones anymore, that are basically remote controlled airplanes. Today the drones can be operated by any soldier with a small hand held controller.
And next we might see stuff like this:

Btw., drones dont always have to fly. It can also be a small vehicle like a RC car, that waits next to a road, and if a tank comes along it drives underneath and explodes. All just a matter of money.

I can't see the video. Maybe YouTube censored it is because stupid politically incorrect 😒