Street Art #302 Shalak & Smoky, Montreal

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Another mural on a wall of a coffee shop, Coffee and Street Art seem to be natural allies 😀. Today, a mural done by Los Clandestinos aka the duo, Shalak and Smoky on Café Nevé on Rachel Street :


Beautiful cat, just a detail of this mural...



Café Nevé, 151 Rachel Street, Montreal, Canada.


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Now based in Toronto, Shalak Attack is a Canadian Chilean artist. She receveid a Bachelor's degree in Studio Arts from Concordia University (Montreal) and studied one year Fine Arts in the Universidad Autónoma Benito Juarez de Oaxaca (Mexico). After her studies, she went to Brazil with an NGO that uses art to prevent delinquency among young people from the favelas.

239  Clandestinos sur Rachel.jpg

Rachel Street with the mural Los Clandestinos

For more than 10 years, she painted mural all around the world with his partner Smoky. In 2003, They created together the art collective Los Clandestinos. Her colorful universe is linked to the South American Muralism tradition : Animal Spirits, sacred nature Pachamama...

"To me colour is spirit, it is math and science, it is instinct and it is life, she has no boundaries and is my strongest voice." about the color in an interview for (Source)



Smoky aka Bruno is a Brazilian artist from Sao Paula (Brazil). He began to paint on the wall in 2004 and working also in NGO in order to teach the history of Graffiti. Now, he's based in Toronto with his wife Shalak and together they formed Los Clandestinos.


"I don't neglect my roots, my greatest pleasure is to paint in communities, bringing art and culture to otherwise forgotten and precarious neighborhoods. I use Graffiti in the context of creating a space to exhibit my art to society, my themes are full of colors and forms of protest .."
Smoky (on his website)



  • 2014.





Café Nevé

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A Mexican artist fell down to the ground from ~ 5 meters high while he made a mural a few days ago, I think he is still in a coma 😔, I remembered it because I saw the size of this mural and how dangerous it can be sometimes. Any way nice mural, creative and colorful 🙂

Very sad news, I hope his condition improves 🙏
Safety is important especially at heights, but when you're in your work, in the creative process, you can forget about your environment.

Wow, those are beautiful art made by a talented artits/artists

Yeah beautiful and very colorful mural. Cool to see when you drink your coffee

Really awesome, and with a positive message from its artists. I think that big feline would make a great cartoon character, eh? 😁

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Cool cat indeed, is he a good guy or a bad guy? Hard to say 😀

It is indeed a pretty cool cat, though I think it would be a slightly villainous character, borne out of a tragic childhood, but is nevertheless a wholly nice person that helps out our hero, tagging along the way 😆

A really nice looking coffee shop! Great art on the wall :)

Yep beautiful mural and good coffee, perfect mix 😀