Welcome to Huttopia, on Lac Monroe, Quebec Canada 🇨🇦

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If you love the Great Outdoors, fresh clean air and water, a spring fed mountain lake surrounded by pine trees, spruce and balsam fir then Huttopia on Lac Monroe Quebec is the place for you.

This camp Site in located in the beautiful Mont Tremblant National Park in Quebec. It is a short 2 hour drive from Montreal and you are also a short drive from the very picturesque village of Mont Tremblant if you want to go shopping for anything or enjoy the French cuisine of the many restaurants located there.

These Huts, sleep 4 and are available for as low as $96 a night : https://www.sepaq.com/camping/pret-a-camper/index.dot



You can rent canoes, kayaks, fishing boats, stand up paddle boards and more. There is very good fishing in the lake of perch, bass, trout and Pickerel.

You can have a bonfire on your Camp site and have an incredible shore lunch of fresh pan fried pickerel. It doesn’t get much better than this.





Wake up to the beautiful sounds of Nature with a hot cup of coffee brewed over the fire. A loon calls you as you dip your paddle into the Crystal clean waters of lac Monroe.

Your Travel Map from nearby Montreal :



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Sounds great, I'd love to visit some day. I want to visit a lot of places, hopefully one lifetime is enough 😂

Canada sure does have some nice scenery and places to go off-grid! Florida has none of that!

Yeah. We go offgrid every weekend up here. It is more difficult in the winter though. Hopefully we will be 100% offgrid life some day... but then that will be the end of Hive for me.

One day.... I will be gone forever.

Nothing wrong with that! I like watching Tom Green, that's what he's doing now and a Canadian! I used to watch those type of shows on History channel all the time, they're my favorite. I would go off grid once I don't have to worry about raising my boy! I too want to be a mountain man!

Looks like a great place to spend a few days and relax with family or some friends. Thanks for sharing!

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It looks like a great getaway