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RE: Travel horror stories: Road rash from rented motorbikes

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I owned a guesthouse many years ago and one of the things we offered was motorbike rental. It took merely half a year or so before the 3 motorbikes we offered for rent were scratched all to hell along with the people who rented them. I didn't rip anyone off on the repairs but I wonder what the statistics are on people that rent them compared to the amount of people that crash them or at least lay them down a bit.

As the owner of that guesthouse I was extremely common for at least one person who was staying there to be covered in bandages from exactly this sort of injury.

I crashed a motorcycle once in Thailand and was wearing stupid clothes and my road rash was so bad that I could see my knee bones and bones in my toes. I also broke 3 bones in my ankle / foot. This wasn't a scooter though, this was an 800 CC Honda Steed motorcycle. Looking back, it is completely stupid that I decided to ride that thing with a swimsuit and flip flops on and it resulted in me being sofa-bound for 2 months. Lesson learned for sure.


These days most of the motorbikes I've seen have governors of some sort on them and are more like motorized carts than bikes. The riders are easily identified as tourists because the locals don't ride bikes like this. To be fair though I haven't been traveling near as much as I used to though... just like everyone else.

I don't know if this was a government mandate but it is kind of amusing how the locals keep their distance from these bikes because they know there is a really good chance the driver is inexperienced and prone to accidents