Abandoned apple orchard

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At the peak of flowering vegetation, I decided to stop by an abandoned apple orchard, which is located not far from the city. In this garden last year I was in the period of apple ripening, but I could not catch the flowering.

Usually the garden is deserted, but at the time of flowering there were unexpectedly many people.

Even before entering the garden, I realized that there were a lot of people here: a lot of cars were parked, and one of them even specially blocked the entrance to the garden so that you could safely walk and the cars did not get into the frame.

Among the blossoming apple trees, people took pictures, filmed video clips and just walked with the children.

Everyone around was smart: someone took family photos, and someone wanted to capture love stories.

The apple orchard is located on a hillside next to the Losta river near the Lisitsyn pond.

These places are very popular with vacationers.

And the road here is just great.

Not surprisingly, there were a lot of people here.

Even when the apple trees have faded, you can still come here and take pictures.

Simply because the trees themselves are always interesting as backgrounds in pictures.

And I, as always, came to capture the reality that is happening around.

This is the fate of the reportage photographer.

Although if I had an order for photography, I would not mind taking pictures of someone here.

I will have to come here again when the fruits are ripe.


Looks like a beautiful place. Reminds me of the music video for "Return To Innocence" by Enigma 😆