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My friend @denisdenis is currently a fisherman. He works with long trawl nets in deep waters, usually somewhere halfway between this place, our hometown and Italy across the sea ... and can eat more fish than a pod of hungry dolphins. He is an extreme fish eater ... maybe even a world record holder ... but ...

IMG_7667 malo.jpg

... sometimes it gets too much even for him ... and that's when my cats enter the picture.

This is the unofficial sequel to his yesterday's post :D which I'll re - propose here, with this link You will encounter the green nylon bag from my cat post near the end of his cooking post, and you'll see the exact weight of the seafood in it.

IMG_7664 malo.jpg

When @denisdenis came back home, late in the evening, after the 36 hours long fishing day, I mean day and a half, that's the time he spent at sea for that fishing expedition, he put a colorful mix of fish, shrimps and calamari in the oven, for a little snack at the end of the day, before the well deserved bedtime ... but ...

IMG_7675 malo.jpg

... @denisdenis overestimated his epic strength, endurance, luck, magicka and appetite this time, and fell asleep. The fish and company got slightly over backed, still edible but far from the usual master chef stuff from his kitchen ... so he appeared in my house the next day, like a summer Santa Claus with a bag of goodies for the cats.

IMG_7668 malo.jpg

As you can see on these photographs ...

IMG_7670 malo.jpg

... my cats were stunned and delighted.

IMG_7669 malo.jpg

It was obvious that this recipe was a success from their point of view.

IMG_7672 malo.jpg

While I'm writing this post ... they are still eating this stuff.

IMG_7673 malo.jpg

And that's the real, true story of how @denisdenis failed in his quest to prepare a strong, abundant dinner for himself, but was able to invent the perfect cat food for feline festivities.

IMG_7677 malo.jpg

As always in these posts on HIVE, the photographs are my work The fish & the bag was provided by my real and crypto - friend @denisdenis. No cat was hurt or damaged by overeating.THE END.


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Those are very healthy-looking cats.
Good job taking care of your friends :)

Hahaha... What a tremendous banquet!


I'm so glad that the cats really liked my wonderful very well baked and toasted dinner .... how nicely these cute cats enjoy :-)

Hahaha. These cats are having a big party!! Yummy!! What a treat! I would not mind having a taste myself!! I like crusty or crispy roasted fish and shrimps!!

Poor @denisdenis! No dinner for him!

Perhaps you could give him a can of cat food as a compensation!! LoL

Please tell him to set an alarm clock while cooking!! Hahaha

:D He, he ... canned cat food compensation is a great idea!

Oh! Don’t tell him it’s my idea!!
He won’t cook nice fish for me when I visit him in my dream!

Drun drin drin

you don't have to visit me in a dream, come to this strange little village of Medulin and I'll make you a nice meal, it depends on which rice will be on the repertoire ...

Thank you very much for your kind invitation!! That’s wonderful!!