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This latest Abundance.Tribe BiWeekly Question, was put forward by @tibra,

"What makes you believe one thing more than another?",

He elaborated further, by adding the following thoughts:

Coherence? A truthmaker? (Is it more coherent with your existing thoughts and view of the world or did you have an experience of something that exists? And if it is the experience, what makes that experience of a thing or a situation with many things more significant than another?)

If there is anything I have learnt in the last few months, it is the importance of doing your own research. Of connecting with people around the world so that you can find out the truth, of what is happening.

We are constantly, being fed mis-information, being told that those who are resisting against the current plandemic, are in fact fascists and racists and not the freedom fighters that they are! I for one know that the numbers of those that attended protests, are way higher than what the media would have us believe. Why because I know people who attended them and they told me first hand!

Sometimes the truth is easy to find, but in today's world, we have to dig deep, that is our responsibility right now, to see beyond the smoke screens. Of course that choice is up to you, whether or not you wish to see the truth!

As we move forward in life, it is important that we stand in our power, that we connect with others and that we focus on creating positive change in the world. No matter what the current narrative is, we still have a choice and those choices are what influences the energy that we are creating and that we are projecting out into the world.

We have so much to learn from one another. So it is important to provide opportunities, in which we can share our experiences and create better understanding as we move forward. This question provided just that.

We had 5 answers in total to the latest question and in the spirit of Abundance one of those writers will receive 20% of the payout of this post . I assigned a number to each response and asked one of my daughters to pick a number. She choose number 3, which was for @riverflows's response.


Abundance.Tribe's BiWeekly Question - What makes you believe one thing more than another?



We live in dangerous times where lies can be fashioned into our reality to look like the truth and we gainfully follow through because we're scared of exploring, researching or discovering what the real truth might be. Would it be palatable? would it be pleasant and not too bitter or rigid for us to process or accept? This is fear. One of the reason why people kill their innate desires to go after the truth and rather consume what's told them is Fear. You see, fear is a powerful too, it can used to manipulate, to bend people to a particular will, limit them to a particular course of action which of course makes them accept what's said on the media, what's said out of the presidential villa and makes them believe absurd things passing off as reality.


What makes me believe one thing more than another? Abundance Tribe QOTW



This is something of a free write - I just let it flow, then went back over it and made minor edits.
I find free writing answers to these questions to be most 'informative' - answers tend to end up in unexpected places.
My belief in off-gridding as the way forwards
If it's a matter of 'believing' which is the most efficient way for me personally to achieve a particular goal I'll dig around and do some research - possibly spending months (depending on the project) - and I tend to rely on a combination of case studies and statistical analysis, I find both are necessary.


Abundance.Tribe's BiWeekly Question - Why I Believe What I Do?



As a child I divided my time between being outside in nature or reading books. I was fascinated with the natural world and loved to be outdoors exploring and discovering new things and new ways to be creative. I observed so much and my love for the natural world, just grew and grew.
When I was at home I read, anything I could find on the natural world and on the many different cultures that are in it. We are all born super inquisitive, hungry to learn and hungry for knowledge about the world we live in. It is how we learn to navigate our way and the younger we are the more authentic we are. Our learning is intuitive, we are very clear on what we need to know in order to grow and the environment we grow up in can really help or hinder that growth.


I Know This Much is True



There's a passage by a Czech writer I have thought of often, since I read his novel 'Immortality' in my early 20's. I think it was the first time I was conscious of myself as a woman in the flush of youth, beautiful, curvaceous, strong - but at the same time, a woman who would one day be old, and no longer possess such charms. I was aware that the truth of me was something essential and powerful, and known only to me, but I would be forever judged through the lens of others who had their own 'truth' of me.


Of Beliefs, Truths and Our Preceptions...



This question prompted another question for me -
Where do our beliefs come from?
In a belief that is a firm conviction or acceptance, there must be some background context that is tied to that strong view coming from our awareness - something we see as truth. And is this truth as we know it or that is to the best of our knowledge, something that is working for us so we believe in it. Coming from our perception, is it what we perceive to be true. These truths as we know it can change and thus our beliefs can change.
Something I want to differentiate on - belief and knowing.
Knowing you have understanding and knowledge. Belief seems to lead to a truth, what we perceive to be true. True for us in our experience of life.


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Abundance.Tribe's Weekly Gems (Week of the 24th to the 31st August)

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*Today I wish to share 15 articles, from the tribe. We are living in times where we are being fed a lot of mis-information, so please be wise in what you choose to read and believe. The articles I have chosen are all about informing us, inspiring us and motivating us to become more aware in our daily lives. Life is all about learning, evolving and being mindful in all that we do. By coming together and engaging with one another we can all share our wisdom and empower one another. We can create the world in which we all wish to live. Happy reading and remember to show your appreciation by upvoting and commenting. *

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Interesting question. i guess it depends on our level of consciousness:

  • when we're conscious, we have critical thinking, so we can ask questions, so we can figure out what we have have in front of us: a lie or a truth.
  • when we're not conscious, we don't have critical thinking, so we can't ask questions, so we can't figure out what we have have in front of us: a lie or a truth; in this case we accept beliefs uncritically.

i guess this is the explanation for why so many people believe in a world lie, these days.
What do you think?