Bill Clinton was on Epstein Island, according to witnesses

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According to witnesses testimony released from the Ghislane Maxwell documents, Bill Clinton was on Epstein Island, something that he has long denied.

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What a distraction.

From what could be extortion of political leaders with child sex slaves be a distraction? The government lockdowns? The race riots? Surveillance? Mandatory vaccination?


They're all the same people. Our fearless leaders are doing all these things. What could taking them down be distracting us from?

It's not the way the world works. It's the way psychopaths work. Society is not psychopaths. We good folks are lied to and suffer, now intolerably. Soon we will restore society in America to the service of the good people of America, and reduce the vermin preying on us to their proper station, the grave.

I am confident that I am not alone in my opposition to technocratic profiteers, and that when faced with existential threat, Americans will rise to the challenge. People always do. We've survived Toba, the Younger Dryas, and many other catastrophes. We've been designed by these catastrophes to survive them, because those that didn't no longer contributed to the gene pool.

The hubris of evil cunning is an integral aspect of psychopathic derangement, and always has, and always will, provide their own downfall.

Alcoholics need to hit rock bottom before they can quit. Liars are the same, just hooked on the shot of dopamine they get when they lie to defend their position. We've been lied to all our lives, and them hooked on it will need to hit the bottom before they snap out of their trance. This is why you never slaughter farm animals in front of other farm animals. This is why them intent on slaughtering us lie. Terror is sobering and they want us drunk. Drunk fools are the easiest prey.

This is almost a guarantee that the harmful purpose of the vaccine(s) will not be immediate, but a lengthy process, or something not immediately apparent, like male infertility. The sooner folks fear, the more of them there will be angry. They want to keep us unafraid of the vaccine, and keep us distracted by racism and trannies. I'm not much afraid of them, because I don't think armies of trannies are going to take over the world.

Bill Gates is doing so right now, with the real US army and health industry as his minions.


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