One Mistake That Can Destroy Your Capital In Trading

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When you make money in trading, you feel great. You love to see green. When you lose your money, that upsets you. We all feel the same way. In this video, I talked about one mistake that can destroy your capital in trading.


You take your entry, but you see the price does not move as expected. Instead, it goes in the opposite direction. Do you hesitate to put stop loss? You think the price will go up, but it keeps going down. Now you hope that the price will rise again and you will exit your position at a profit or at least you will exit with your capital. The thing is, you have no idea how low the price could go. This is one of the biggest mistakes that can destroy your capital in trading. Always manage your risk and put a stop loss in your trading.

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Protecting against losses is the 1st thing people should be doing when it comes to generating wealth. Losing money means it's a lot harder to get back to the starting point and it's never wrong to get out of a trade to find a better entry place.

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Sometimes we may learn the lesson the hard way. Losing money and figuring out what just happened is one of them. You can make money in trading and at the same time, you may lose more money unless you protect your capital. Thank you @jfang003 for your feedback!

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