Develop A Positive Mindset Towards Money

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He is rich. Maybe he is not a good person. It is assumed that people who have a lot of money, they make money by doing bad things. So money is evil.


How you think about money directly affects your financial situation. When you have a negative mindset towards money, you don't like to talk about it. You will avoid any discussion about money. But money is not evil. It is just a tool. How you use it can change the outcome. Having a positive mindset about money impacts your financial situation positively. You are interested to learn about money management, risk management, and investment. It will help to change your financial situation.

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I agree. Money isn't good or bad and it depends on how people use that money. I think it's just the skepticism towards people with money.

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The interesting thing is, no matter how someone thinks about money, he/she has to use money in daily life. It is better to know what you use every day.

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It sounds a bit funny that if you have money you are a bad person, however you are right, I don't know why people always think badly, some people help others in silence, it is the best way to do it in my opinion, in relation to talk about money , there will always be a fear to do so , it is better to avoid conflicts , nowadays most people are on the defensive , and even armed , life is complicated nowadays , so it is better to keep a low profile

I think it is better to help in silence. At least, it will draw unwanted attention. Even if you help others because that's a good thing to do and that makes you happy, some people try to find bad intention behind that.

You know what you are doing and why you are doing, that's enough.

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