Let's Talk About Money - Status Seekers, Money Avoiders and Money Worshippers

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There is no way you can deny the influence of money in your life. How you think about money can change a lot of things. The way you think, you will take action accordingly.


In this video, I talked about status seekers, money avoiders, and money worshippers. I think money is a tool. You can use it to change your financial situation. There are a lot of problems that you can solve with money. At the same time, money cannot solve everything that you are facing.

Let's watch this video. Please feel free to leave your comment. Thank you for watching the video.

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You are right, we can't buy happiness with money. A wealthy (who has money)person is not rich if he is not satisfied in his life because money is only a source to fulfill the needs of life, not life.

How happy you are with what you have, that's important. You can be happy and work hard to make money. Making money is not the ultimate goal of your life. You want to do something else, and you need money for that.

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Right, we should work for the satisfaction and the point of satisfaction is not in the range of some people having all the luxuries.
Be happy and have a good day.
Thank you.

Money is unavoidable in our lives as we use it every day. While I don't think it should be everything, you should give some focus on it.

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Sure, whatever we do, there should be a balance so that we do not get lost.

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