Crazy evening after LUNA crashed | Special guest: @phendx

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Hello, everybody in the Hive community!! Today I'll share a video recorded yesterday, that is a little bit crazy and very different from the content that I've been sharing with you.

It is mostly for showing me in front of you that part that we all the humans have, and it's the moment when you lose your mind, and just go a little bit crazy for a while.

I really enjoy being here, so in the same way that I share with you pictures, writings, Yoga asanas, and practices, I want to share with you this particular mood after seeing the mess that was the crypto universe.

All the cryptos rashed, yes, but LUNA was violent!! The worst is that yesterday morning, I saw a huge -53% and I thought that it was a good moment for buying a little bit. The detail is that I didn't read before... and, as maybe you already know, the stable coin for the TERRA project, UST, stopped being stable... so that's why LUNA is now almost touching -100%...

That news made me lose a little bit of my mind for a while. I was in a kind of panic attack, but I think that some part of me was "laughing instead of crying", and that's what you'll see in the video, lol.

This time, I'm not alone in the video, but with @phendx! Another Hive blogger stayed here in Misano Adriatico for some days.

I enjoyed this week A LOT because we practiced Yoga together, we went for walks, we shared meals, and we had some drinks together, so it was super nice to have a friend here at least for a while.

I invite you all to see this video, and I really hope you have fun by listening to our crazy afternoon and evening!


  • Camera: iPhone 12 Pro
  • Video edition app: InShot (Pro)
  • Music: Mangoe
  • Musician: Jeff Khale
  • Special guest: @phendx
  • Author: @belug

Thanks a lot for being here!!

Have a beautiful day,




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Ay boluda, por favor, que gracioso todo 😂😂😂😂

Fue el mejor dia para haber grabado cosas, porque claramente no estabamos para nada bien 😂😂😂

Aun asi, colapso de por medio o no, super lindo el haber pasado unos dias con vos y haber trascendido la virtualidad!! Jajajaj

PD: es viernes… hoy era marron clarito?!

Jajaja, hoy es claramente, marrón oscuro!

No entiendo cómo no ves los días de colores!! Jajaja

Sí sí, estuvo re lindo realmente!