The long neck tribe in Myanmar

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The long neck or known as giraffe neck is very rare. Believe it or not , most people say the long neck was origin from Thailand or specifically some Kayan Village around Chiang Mai , but according to story the long neck people origin is from a small village of Loikaw, in Kayah State. Many of them come to south refuge at north Thailand during country regime in Myanmar. During that time , most of giraffe neck tribe stay in Karen Village which is actually a refugee camp.

During my trip to Myanmar , i didnt have much time to visit Loikaw village because i really want to photograph them. Lucky , there was a family of this tribe near the cultural village in Inyla Lake. They are happy to tell us about their culture and village.

Like other tribe , most of the women in Myanmar is expert in weaving since long time ago. This is one of their source of income because their movement is quite limited because of the heavy ring on their neck. The ring can weigh as low as 5 kg or 11 pound and will be added along they grow up.

According to them , they being told by their grandmother that they putting the ring to protect them from being attack by tiger . But its just a legend , now they wearing it to make their neck longer because of their culture.










I hope some day i ll have a chance to visit their original home at Loikaw, in Kayah State.

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Awesome writing my friend! I hope that someday I can travel and visit this place too. Some unique culture is still preserve there. It was really great that you have the chance to experience such culture and get to take some great photos as a reminder. Have some !PIZZA

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It is fascinating to see these women and even more so their stories. To carry on the tradition in the modern days is quite something! I have noticed they wear different rings, like the lady in the last photo has very thin rings compared to the other ladies. Or am I imagining it?

It actually the same ring the only different is the amount of the ring on their neck. The first and second lady is longer than the last lady . I know right , it was very few people especially the young age carrying their culture . Its very sad but most of the culture is dying. TT