Free Thinkers under Threat for ‘Ridiculing’ Quran 😮

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A series of verses mimicking the style of the Quran titled Surah Corona have lit Arab social media on fire. The verses were written by an Algerian atheist Djilou and has resulted in many death threats and calls for arrest. Amna al-Sharqi, a Tunisian girl who shared the verses of Surah Corona is under investigation and has had a warrant issued against her by the Tunisian Public Prosecution. Update: Amna stated on social media that she has been released from police custody following intervention by Professor Enas Trabelsi.

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Source: Algerian and Tunisian Free Thinkers under threat for ‘ridiculing’ Quran
Location: Tunisia/Algeria

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"Myth, contradictions, and useless information"
This summarizes sacred books. Non-religious minds have produced way more valuable ideas upon which all that is good about our modern world rest.
I think that criticism of religious texts have bee present since the times such texts were made available and imposed on some cultures. It is a moral duty of any free-thinker to challenge these scriptures.

This has been a frightening reality in many countries like Tunisia for some time. What's more frightening to me is you sees these same kinds of backwards values creeping into the Western world, through some of the more extreme "social justice" movements that shame you for criticizing culture and religion.

It's scary that people can get serious death threats for mocking religion. Just ask Salman Rushdie. If you don't believe then you should not be restricted by those rules. True believers shouldn't be worrying about mockery. Maybe they feel insecure.

Hahah it was priceless watching Susanna do the hand signature while trying to recite the Surah Corona really. In my opinion I think these people are taking this things too far. It's quite Fair the Tunisian police has released the girl. This is scandalous