Itálica ~ Roman settlement and the Amphitheatre in Sevilla, Spain 🇪🇸

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Hi all 👋🏻


With my next post into the Architecture+Design Community I want to show you The Roman amphitheatre and the rest of the well preserved Roman settlement that is located in Sevilla, Spain.

It is located in the town of Santiponce in the province of Sevilla in Spain 🇪🇸 About 9 km northwest of Sevilla itself.

On Google maps see the yellow star ⭐️:
Northwest of Sevilla.

Here I zoomed in onto the site, the town is Santiponce.

I visited this amphitheater on our trip to Sevilla not that long ago on 28 of October 2021. My husband has been there before, with his parents as he lives in Spain already 15 years, and we talked about it when we were planning on going to Sevilla for a long weekend.
Of course I want to see it too as it is rather fascinating. 🤩

Photographs are taken with my iPhone as my DSLR camera died as most of you already know 😇 still saving up for a new one.

Let me tell you first a little bit more about this amphitheater before I show you around it the site.

More information You can find in this website!

It states:
”Italica (Spanish: Itálica) north of modern-day Santiponce, 9 km northwest of Seville in southern Spain, was an Italic settlement founded by the Roman general Scipio in the province of Hispania Baetica. It was the birthplace of Roman Emperors Trajan, Hadrian, and possibly Theodosius.
It flourished under the reign of Hadrian, becoming an elaborate urban centre and achieving a significant political and economic status in the region.
The modern town of Santiponce overlies the pre-Roman Iberian settlement and part of the well-preserved Roman city.

Italica was the first Roman settlement in Spain and the first Roman city outside of Italy. It was founded in 206 BC by Publius Cornelius Scipio during the Second Carthaginian War upon a native Iberian town of the Turdetani (dating back at least to the 4th c. BC) as a settlement for his Italic veterans, likely a majority of socii and a minority of Roman citizens, and named Italica after its inhabitants.
The nearby native and Roman city of Hispalis (Seville) was and would remain a larger city, but Italica's importance derived from its illustrious origin and from the fact that it was close enough to the Guadalquivir to control the area”.


** THE SITE:**
As no modern city covered many of Italica's buildings of the nova urbs, the result is an unusually well-preserved Roman city with cobbled Roman streets and mosaic floors still in situ. Many rich finds can also be seen in the Seville Archaeological Museum, with its famous marble statue of Trajan.

The archaeological site of Italica encompasses mainly the nova urbs with its many fine buildings from the Hadrianic period. The original vetus urbs (old town) lies under the present town of Santiponce.

Extensive excavation and renovation of the site has been done recently and is continuing.

The small baths and the Theatre are some of the oldest visible remains, both built before Hadrian.

Italica’s amphitheatre was the third largest in the Roman Empire at the time, being slightly larger than the Tours Amphitheatre in France. It seated 25,000 spectators, about half as many as the Colosseum in Rome.”

Let’s go back to the amphitheater and city remains!
I will show you what I saw as we walk around it…

We start our walk at the entrance and see this structure in front of us. These are the outside remains from the amphitheater.

We walk passed this.

And decide to go and have a look into the vaults on the outside rings under the steps of the amphitheater.

Here a small viewpoint of the amphitheater. It is so large that it is really hard to photograph from in it to capture all.
But stay with me, at the end of my post we visit the amphitheater from it’s highest point and we can have a great overview of it. See also my first photograph. 😉

It is so large to stand here. Imagine how it must have been many many moons ago 😁

Let’s take a closer look at everything we see.
Look at the arch that was preserved. This is under the steps.


Other openings/ doorways into the vaults.


Steps up to lead to the seating areas to watch the fights.

Now we are on the outside of it, walking around.

Look from the other side.

I found this in the floor walking out one end of it. Some even miss it. I think it’s for rainwater.
Look at it’s design. Very beautiful.

We walk now towards the rest of the settlement.

It’s a long walk in the heat of the sun, but we continue…

We first reach this, you see here the remains.
Exedra building

I shall include the sign posts for you with more information about what you see.

Next we reach the collective latrine, yes it is exactly what you think.

A collective toilet. Look they even had some kind of sewer system in place… the placement was above a running water drain that was used to evacuate the residues. In those times… fascinating.

A closer look.

The mosaic floor is stunning. Look at the design the images. Must have been great to look at it while… yeah, you know what.

Next we see the OPUS SECTILE.
The sign reads: ”This is a magnificent example of opus sectile, one of the most precious pavements of the roman world, very solicited by the wealthy classes, made from marble plaques finely crafted in regular shapes and disposed in geometrical designs.”

The sun is in the wrong spot right now and cast a harsh shadow but I still manage to capture this unique floor, the remains of it that is.

Our view around…

We are reaching higher ground here and at the end of the site we find this marble statue.

A closer look.

Next we find more mosaic floors from buildings in this settlement.
Look how well preserved they are. They found so much of them. Some they even could fully restore.

The sign states:
”In this part of the area were found the rests of one of the galleries of a large courtyard, peristyle, and a large rectangular central hall. Symmetrically, on each side of the central hall are found two other halls giving access to rooms, communicating with each other.
Altogether, this part of the building is close to a domestic structure, although the limited knowledge available does not allow to define it properly. In these rooms are located some of the best preserved mosaics of Italica. There are two of them that stand out. The mosaic of Theseus and the labyrinth, and the mosaic of Bacchus.”


We find here the remains of the NEPTUNO BUILDING RESIDENTIAL AREA.

Look how wonderful the mosaic’s are.

Closer look.

Our view up now.

Next we reach the mosaic’s of the birds.

It’s a large area this room.

Closer up to the birds.

So many different birds are represented.

One very close by. Beautiful isn’t it?


Next I want to show you some details higher up.
The capitals of some columns.


See them in this photograph?


We see here a domestic altar of which it’s mosaic floor remains.


Now we see the best preserved floors of this settlement.

Look at it’s beauty 🥰

Stunning right?


See all the rooms…


Of course I would include some flowers 🌹 you know, I always do.

Are you still with me? Hope so… a few more mosaics, some baths and them we go back to the amphitheater to end this post.

Let’s go… 😎😁

The baths:

We are standing here on a tall structure to overview the sight, from the ground you can not really see them.



Next we find these floors:
They are part of the PLANETARIUM HOUSE.


The SUN.



From afar.

A shadow of me… and some stunning mosaic. I am truly enjoying myself here.

Some details and a different view for you to change it up a bit.

Look what captured my eye when walking back to the amphitheater.
Still in hibernation. 🐌🐌🐌🐌 have you seen my snail painting?
Here Is a link to my painting and the step by steps as I created : Here we go!

We are back at the amphitheater and I will show you around some more details.
The vaults.

Openings in the structure where the sun is penetrating ☀️☀️☀️



Intricate shadows of closed gates at the top of the stairs leading towards the seating area outside.

Some details…

We are heading now around the amphitheater the climb up the hill to reach the lookouts to view from above.

We arrived 🤩😊 well done you. You are still with me. 🥳

Stunning isn’t it.

One more look.

We are heading towards the museum building now before we leave again and find these statues.

The head of a LION 🦁


And the famous 2nd-century Venus found in 1940 near the theatre.

And this last photograph ends our walk around. 👋🏻 Until next time!

Hope you enjoyed my photos of this ROMAN SETTLEMENT in SEVILLA, Spain from not that long ago as much as I did. Thank you for looking and reading 😊 🙏🏻 If you ever are in the neighbourhood of Sevilla, do have a visit. It is worth it to see so much history.

Any questions or comments, let me know. Always happy to help.

Have a great day all 😎
Grtz Jackie


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Unless stated otherwise: All art and photos used in my posts are taken, created and owned by me. If you wish to use any of my photographs, please contact me first. As I have used some commercially myself. We don’t want that you or somebody else gets into trouble 😉 So please don’t use them without my consent.

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Thank you so much @gentleshaid for sharing 😊 much appreciated!

It's a great pleasure to have shared such an amazing content on my timeline

Thank you so much 😁

It's truly a wonderful experience being able to see this amazing architectural site through your photos and descriptions. The mosaics are incredible. Thank you for sharing your adventure with us.

You are so welcome @nthtv happy to share my adventures with you so you can see it through my eyes.
It was such a treat to see such an amazing mosaics that well preserved.
Thank you so much for your kind words and joining me today 😊 truly appreciate!

Have a wonderful day.

Greetings Jackie @littlebee4. Italica - such a fascinating name to be coined for the first Roman civilization in Spain and the very first Roman city outside of Italy. It's a tremendous honor indeed for this particular site to hold these prestigious titles. Besides. it's clearly evident in their enormous extravagance, attention to detail, and fine ornamentation that the Romans have invested in their outstanding architecture. 😀

In fact, those exquisite mosaic works. distinctive column capitals, and rainwater drainage systems with flower motifs are some of the supreme examples of construction technologies from a highly sophisticated settlement from ancient times. Thank you for showcasing this historical part of the world! Definitely, it was like walking with you there. Amazing! 😊

Greetings @storiesoferne 👋🏻
The name is so appropriate for this entire site. It is catchy too. People can easy remember it.
The caretakers, government and the town hall are truly proud of it and keeping it well maintained.

When you walk around it you can almost feel how they must have lived. The details and care they put in their surroundings. The buildings and architecture. Even a rainwater drainage was put in place. It all is so fascinating to see.

I’m happy I could visit it, learn a bit more about it… photograph it and share in this wonderful community.
It is so nice to here that it felt like you were right there walking with me, taking it all in. Seeing what I saw.
Thank you so much 😊
Have a wonderful weekend further. 👋🏻☀️ With positivity and sunshine.

Exactly my dear @littlebee4. You have definitely transported us to that significant slice of history where we get to be fully enlightened by the architectural skills of the Roman period. Have a fantastic weekend as well. Keep up the awesome content! 😊

You are welcome @storiesoferne 😊
Thank you so much for the well wishes. 👋🏻 I sure will…

Yay! 🤗
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Thank you so much @nathen007 and @ecency for the boost 🥳😎😊
So much appreciated!

Have an awesome evening 👋🏻

What a great post and what I love when I visit places like this is that feeling of history and imagining all the people, so long ago who would have walked exactly where you are walking now! It's such a time-travelling experience!
Best wishes always :-)

Thank you so much @nathen007
That is exactly what I imagine… thinking of the scenes that could have been there. I have a very vivid imagination hahaha 😁

I like discovering sites like this, learning about the history of an area… gain some knowledge. 🤓
Best wishes to you too ☀️

Here a sunny day today, after loads of rain lately.

Hello @littlebee4 I greet you with great respect from the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. I am in awe of the photographs showing the majestic Roman amphitheater and the rest of the settlement in Seville, Spain. In every stone, in every mosaic, in every corridor, in every silent wall and in every corner there is a truly exciting story. The place makes you travel back in time and experience the splendor of that civilization. Receive a strong and warm spiritual hug full of blessings, positive energy and lots of light.

Hola @littlebee4 te saludo con mucho respeto desde la República Bolivariana de Venezuela. Estoy asombrado por las fotografías que muestran el majestuoso anfiteatro romano y el resto del asentamiento en Sevilla, España. En cada piedra, en cada mosaico, en cada pasillo, en cada pared silenciosa y en cada rincón hay una historia verdaderamente apasionante. El lugar te hace viajar en el tiempo y vivir el esplendor de aquella civilización. Recibe un fuerte y cálido abrazo espiritual lleno de bendiciones, energía positiva y mucha luz.

Hello @marcosmilano71 😊
Thank you so much for your visit to my post. I’m happy you walked with me and saw everything I showed you on our walk. It is truly a pleasure to share my photographs with you, and make you feel you are standing right there with me. This was such a stunning site and to imagine the civilisation that would have been there. It’s just amazing.
My best wishes, positive energy and warm light I’m sending your way too.
Have a wonderful weekend 😊

Hola @marcosmilano71 😊
Muchísimas gracias por su visita a mi publicación. Me alegro de que hayas caminado conmigo y hayas visto todo lo que te mostré en nuestro paseo. Es un verdadero placer compartir mis fotografías contigo y hacerte sentir que estás ahí parado conmigo. Este era un sitio tan impresionante e imaginar la civilización que habría estado allí. Es simplemente increíble.
Mis mejores deseos, energía positiva y luz cálida también te envío.
Que tengas un fin de semana maravilloso 😊

Another great post with all these photos and info...
And now we have ads on screen when we're going to toilet in public space. I prefer this mozaic. It's unbelievable the mosaics are left unprotected, to rain and wind but they're still in perfect condition with beautiful colors. Impressive these Romans 😀

Thank you so much @heroldius 😊
We do have ads and all the other annoying things in toilets. Such a different time it must have been… hahaha wouldn’t have mind like you, looking at the mosaics lol

The most vulnerable and valuable mosaics had little roofs over them to protect from the rain, but the sides were still open. They were indeed well preserved. Maybe they keep it really in good condition.
They sure were impressive 😎
Have a great evening! 👋🏻

Amazing architecture and mosaics!

I love watching documentaries about how they built all of this and why it is still so durable thousands of years later!

They sure are @zakludick 😊
I do too… love seeing it with my own eyes and when that is not possible I watch documentaries, the on,y time I switch on the tv.
It is just fascinating to hear about it, how it was built and why. Gathering some historical knowledge… I like it.
Have a wonderful day!


I will have to make a bit more money on Hive to pay for a holiday to Europe one day! Hahaha.

I am in South Africa and I ca at least share what I can see with my own eyes HERE haha.

Europe is beautiful to visit, it has so much history. In so many countries.
I am very lucky to have lived already in 5 different ones. So I could explore quite a lot, that others maybe couldn’t.

Hope you can one day visit Europe 🤞🏻

And it is great to see areas that I am unfamiliar with, like South Africa.
Good we have platforms like this. To share…


Hey, South Africa is no slouch in the tourism department! There is a lot to see! We have castles and forts, beaches and wildlife, all manner of attractions.

I live in Cape Town so Table Mountain is one of those huge attractions. It's a flat topped mountain haha.

So much to go explore. So you have to save up for some more travels!

I so know @zakludick 😎 would love to visit one day and explore.
There is so much to see you are right.
Can even hear my language been spoken (a little) 😉

One day maybe, first other priorities. Like a bigggg move to country number 6 on another continent.

Yeah? Which language is that?

And you are planning on moving? To where?

Afrikaans is very close to my Dutch 😎
The biggest part of my life I lived in The Netherlands 28 years, although I wasn’t born there and lived in 2 other countries before that.

We are planning on moving since October, but got many delays… also with the pandemic it isn’t easy, for a lot of paperwork. It just got delayed again with 2 months. Can’t tell yet, don’t want to jinx it 😉

There is something about ancient buildings that is always amazing. WOuld not mind living in one.

Ooo wouldn’t that not just be epic. To live in one @gentleshaid 😎
I so could imagine that.

I love exploring ancient civilisations and settlements with their buildings. It gives you so much to think about.

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Thank you so much @pinmapple much appreciated 👋🏻😊😎

Beautiful! I love that you show both the enormity of the building and the details. You've put a lot of work into this post; thank you!

Thank you so much @astinmin 😊 that is nice to hear, you are so welcome. Love what I do 😎

I love to show a lot from all kind of different angles, so others can get the feeling, as if they would be there with me. That it is worth reading my (sometimes) to long post. Hahaha

Imagine… And these are just some of the many photographs I would take on a day like that.
Thank you so much for visiting!
I wish you a great day further ☀️

This is very beautiful. This country is one of the countries I want to visit. Thank you for sharing the beautiful story

Thank you so much @nnurdiani 😊 you are welcome. Happy to share my adventures and photographs.

I hope you can visit one day, so much to discover here. The history is very interesting, the buildings and ancient sites that could be preserved.
Have a great day today 👋🏻☀️

This ancient building is really unique and historic and also with some history in it, it's really amazing.

Thank you so much @opick for you visit 😊
It was such a great day to walk around so much history. Love every second of it.
Have a great day!

I enjoyed your trip exploring every corner of this historic building. :)

So nice to hear… until next time @opick 👋🏻😊

Have a great day!

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Have a wonderful day today 👋🏻☀️

Stay as awesome as you are dear @littlebee4. Happy to have you here. All the best! 😀

Thank you kindly @aplusd 🤩
All the best to you too 🌹

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