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The name of the place is Oprtalj. I visited it a couple of weeks ago.

IMG_0412 malo.jpg

It's an old town, or something like a village with a well-defined urban structure, situated in the northern part of Istra.

IMG_0425 malo.jpg

From up - close, while approaching one of the medieval gates that lead to the compact center, it definitively looks like a town ...


... but from the outside, from the place where I parked my car, it looks more like a small village immersed in the surrounding landscape dominated by forests and fields.


Only the church tower suggests that there could be something more urban hidden behind the lush vegetation.

IMG_0401 malo.jpg

In this photograph, I'm walking towards the town, and I'm almost there. If you take a good look, you may notice a small but interesting little temple in the lower right part of the picture. It's the
Church of St. Roch, but before saying something about it ...

IMG_0390 samoMALO.jpg

... I would like to show you the view from the hill on which I was standing and on which Oprtalj was built.

IMG_0400 malo.jpg

From here you can take a good look at the landscape in the valley ...

IMG_0386 malo.jpg

... and you can see some other towns and villages too.


This is Motovun. A similar but bigger old town that was built long ago on the crest of one of the neighboring hills. I had a great clear view of its urban layout from here.

IMG_0393 malo.jpg

Here you can see the village of Livade ...


... in the valley between Motovun and Oprtalj. I drove through it on my way to where I'm currently standing. I mean, where I was standing back then, a couple of weeks ago. 😀 I'm in my old armchair now, in front of the PC screen.

IMG_0391 malo.jpg

I can't enjoy this drone - view every day ...

IMG_0399 malo.jpg

... so I spent half an hour or so observing the surrounding landscape ...

IMG_0389 malo.jpg

... that looked like a nice, relaxing tapestry made of woods, fields, and small settlements scattered across those green surfaces. And now ...

IMG_0402 malo.jpg

... is time to say a few more words about the small church that I mentioned before the scenic detour.

IMG_0417 malo.jpg

The Church of St. Roch was built in the 14th century. The loggia in front of the main building was added three centuries later. The church is situated along the main road that leads to the gate of the old town. I will continue that way, but a bit later.


In this photograph, I'm approaching Oprtalj across the narrow belt of fields behind the town.


I'm using the word behind because the front facades of most of the buildings look in the opposite direction, so I felt a relatively strong feeling of being behind.

IMG_0408 malo.jpg

The old protective stone wall is still partially visible. Is not that high anymore, but its remains are here, merged with the backyards of the current settlement.


Here you can take a look at the landscape that can be seen from this side of the hill.

IMG_0406 malo.jpg

I noticed a bit of smoke ...

IMG_0404 malo.jpg

... somewhere in the distance.

IMG_0414 malo.jpg

This lantern was photographed across the street from The Church of St. Roch.

IMG_0416 malo.jpg

It looked a bit like a simplified humanoid creature with a helmet on its head. The lantern was mounted on the pole near the wall bordering the street.


In these four shots, you can take a look at the terrace - garden on the slope of the hill, underneath that wall. The round table and some kind of psychedelic design were arranged on the edge of the small field with potato and green beans plants. It looked like a hippy living room with no constraining walls around it. An interesting piece of interior design for those who prefer to stay outdoors on a nice, sunny day like the one shown in this post.

IMG_0422 malo.jpg

Soon I 'passed by these old houses that were relatively recently renovated.

IMG_0423 malo.jpg

Is great to see an old stone building that is still in use. Houses like this one keep the spirit of the old medieval town still present in the atmosphere on the top of the hill.


Here you can see a row of connected buildings that form the compact urban core of the medieval town, and the gate, the passage that leads to the history encapsulated behind that wall of houses. Before entering ...


... let's take a look across the street, at one of the most iconic buildings of Oprtalj.


This is the town's Loggia. It was built in the 16th century ...

IMG_0436 malo.jpg

... and, until the fall of the Venetian Republic that administrated the town from 1420 to the aforementioned fall in 1797, used as the seat of the court.

IMG_0437 malo.jpg

Oprtalj was a fortified town, part of the line of similar fortifications along the Venetian border in Istra ...

IMG_0440 malo.jpg

... so the Republic of San Marco left a strong mark on this town.

IMG_0438 malo.jpg

Some of the artifacts from that period ...

IMG_0439 malo.jpg

... are now decorating the interior of the renovated Loggia.

IMG_0441 malo.jpg

Before exiting the building ...

IMG_0446 malo.jpg

... I decided to photograph the town's gate through the elegant arches of the Loggia.


The three objects in this shot form a nice, decorative arrangement. You can see a stone bench. a relatively large glass bottle and the young citrus tree. The scene was photographed through the gate, before entering.

IMG_0430 malo.jpg

The world outside the old town was still in the shade, while the interior was transformed by the vivid golden light provided by the rising sun. The contrast was amazing. Quite ordinary - but amazing.
With the following photograph ...


... I'm finally in.


The barn swallows (Hirundo rustica) were flying around ...

IMG_0454 SAMOmalo.jpg

... and resting on the cobblestone surface of the small square on this side of the passage.


Two birds were chatting on a nearby facade.

IMG_0452 malo.jpg

From the outside, the gate was a single arch. Elegant and simple. On this side, there is a bit of unexpected complexity in the construction. You can see a few more arches and proportions are different.


This swallow stopped to take a rest on the rusted piece of metal that was protruding from the upper arch.

IMG_0453 SAMOmalo.jpg

Among the birds down on the ground ...


... I saw one with a piece of dry grass in its beak. Some swallows are still building or repairing their nests. Adding a layer of solid bird architecture to the old town.

IMG_0467 samoMALO.jpg

Soon I took one last look through the window above the gate ...


... said goodbye to the two birds on the facade, the only ones that were in the same place the whole time ...


... and continued uphill ...

IMG_0545 malo.jpg

... towards the main square and the biggest church in town.


That way led me through an interesting, slightly surreal passage.

IMG_0449 malo.jpg

The chairs were hanging from the ceiling.


Soon I passed through another passageway under the old buildings.


I was almost in the open when this photograph was taken.


The Parish Church of Saint George was built in the 15th century ...

IMG_0494 malo.jpg

... in the place where once stood an older church mentioned in the 12th century.

IMG_0496 malo.jpg

The church was enlarged in the 17th century and the front facade was changed, but the building still has some older elements on display.


The church tower across the square was added in the 16th century.

IMG_0491 malo.jpg

Here you can take a more up-close look at the lovely old house near the tower and the seep, narrow street that leads downhill from there.


After a quick exploration of the area in front of the church ...

IMG_0497 malo.jpg

... I continued in the direction opposite from where I came from.

IMG_0498 malo.jpg

In that part of Oprtalj ...

IMG_0501 malo.jpg

... quite a few buildings were abandoned.

IMG_0503 malo.jpg

The decay looked pretty good because the old ruins were abundantly decorated with fresh vegetation.

IMG_0499 malo.jpg

This little tree looks like a local inhabitant, busy watching the street in hope that something exciting will happen before the end of the summer.


Here you can see a simple but effective radial design ...

IMG_0508 malo.jpg

... on the gate to the yard of the decaying building shown in the previous photographs.

IMG_0510 malo.jpg

After photographing this lantern mounted on the ivy-covered facade of that same building ...

IMG_0513 malo.jpg

... I walked toward another abandoned corner of that neighborhood.


I entered another sotoportego ...

IMG_0515 malo.jpg

... and photographed the building's interior. The decay created an interesting mess of architectural elements. Non-functional but nicely weird and kinda poetic place.

IMG_0518 malo.jpg

In front of the half-open, half-broken wooden door, an intricate mess made of old, torn, and unraveled ropes, was laying on the ground. The thing looked like a wig fallen from the head of a clown. Or an aging hair metal fan that has lost his natural mane.

IMG_0521 malo.jpg

After exiting the place, I continued rambling around that neighborhood ...

IMG_0522 malo.jpg

... where I found some more ruins ...

IMG_0519 malo.jpg

... and a cat. I always photograph at least one cat in each small town that I visit. That is never planned. I mean, I never plan it, but it could be a part of a wider plan. 😀 The Universe or some Divinity may have planned all those feline encounters.

IMG_0544 malo.jpg

Some of the nearby houses are still inhabited.

IMG_0533 malo.jpg

The laundry was hanging on the line ...


... and some lovely, cultivated plants that I never saw before were blooming in the yards.


This is the Clematis viticella, a species commonly known as Purple clematis or the Italian leather flower.

IMG_0525 malo.jpg

Some plants found their place under the sun among the stones in front of one of the abandoned ruins.

IMG_0526 malo.jpg

Here you can take an up-close look at the Mesembryanthemum nodiflorum flower.


After photographing one more house in that part of Oprtalj ...

IMG_0534 malo.jpg

... I felt that walking back to the church and then continuing out of the old town, could be a good idea.

IMG_0545 malo.jpg

As I was approaching the tower ...

IMG_0537 malo.jpg

... the arrangements around the tower were changing. Here you can see a bunch of beautiful white roses in the foreground. With the following photograph ...


... I'm in the central square again.

IMG_0550 malo.jpg

This time I photographed some stuff that I didn't notice before.

IMG_0548 malo.jpg

A line of stylized cypress trees, drawn on one of the facades ...

IMG_0547 malo.jpg

... the graceful yellow Calla lily in the vase on the window sill ...

IMG_0551 malo.jpg

... and these mysterious sculptures that somehow got unnoticed the first time that I passed this way. There is nothing I can say about them because I found no information on the Internet.


This photograph was taken near one of the passages that I visited before. You saw the other side of it earlier in the post.


The focus is on different details now. Here you can see some nice old kitchen pots and simple kettles turned into outdoor flower pots.

IMG_0559 malo.jpg

I'll show you two more details before continuing through the sotoportego. This old door with a lock on it ...


... and this stairway with some nice, intricate decorations on the rusted metal railing.

IMG_0560 malo.jpg

Here I'm about to reach the other side.

IMG_0561 malo.jpg

Another old building, this one still in function ...

IMG_0564 malo.jpg

... and the simple, vintage garden furniture on the street in front of it.

IMG_0565 malo.jpg

I passed this relaxing little corner ...


... and took a look from the opposite direction.

IMG_0568 malo.jpg

Here I stopped to photograph this yellow door (or a window, I'm not sure) decorated with a handwritten quote ( or a variation of something written in the original story) from a fairy tale of a Croatian author that lived in the last decades of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th. Her name is Ivana Brlich Mazuranich and she created, among other things, some great imaginative stories with elements of Slavic mythology. The pebbles represent the minuscule beings that appear in one of her stories and live like sparks among the flames in the bonfire.

IMG_0570 malo.jpg

In one of the parallel streets, I found a studio that deals with architecture, interior design, and stuff like that. How appropriate for this post that will be soon published in the Architecture + Design community.

IMG_0569 malo.jpg

These old barrels were laying near the town's gate. With the following photograph ...

IMG_0572 malo.jpg

... I'm out, directed towards the place where I parked the car.


On the way there I noticed these shoes that grew on the tree.

IMG_0576 malo.jpg

On one of the trees along the only road that leads in and out of Oprtalj.


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The mystery of the shoes, will it be some kind of witchcraft or someone lost them there, maybe it's a joke, I think we'll never know, the photos are wonderful, I really transported myself to that beautiful place with you, thanks for these beautiful photos of these beautiful infrastructures .

Thanks. 🙂 Glad you like the post.

The landscape around Oprtalj is just awesome! Thanks for your beautiful post, @borjan.

Thanks. 🙂Glad you like the post. 🙂

Beautiful valley and characteristic old town.

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You show so many very beautiful pictures of nature and buildings.
I am amused to see it.

Thank you for taking us on a virtual tour of nature's beautiful landscape and historic old buildings.

The city is clean and very charming, my friend. You are lucky to have a clean city

such a good picture, you have taken a lot of pictures both in terms of the building or the conditions there And also the agricultural fields that have provided entertainment for us.

Telling stories from historical old cities, which are complemented by photos of old buildings and also artifacts or abandoned objects, is very interesting for me. I also really enjoy virtual tours of the content you share like this my friend @borjan. thanks for sharing with us 👍

Great post 👍👍👍

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