Is Automation threat for employment?

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According to the World Economic Forum (WEF), The jobs of half the people of the world will lose by 2025 due to robotics and machinery.

Many countries are inundated by unemployment. In this situation, such talking is undoubtedly important.

People are advancing a lot with the help of Science and technology. The use of technology is reducing people's work. Technology-driven modern instruments can accomplish tasks more accurately and faster than a human being. The use of technology has accelerated the pace of development in various fields including industry and agriculture.
Fourth Industrial Revolution based on automation!
In modern times, office automation system is becoming quite popular and the dependence on technology is increasing. Now it is being considered to automate the factory. Not just for speed or perfect work, automation will bring transparency. Despite all these advantages, the big disadvantage of automation is that many people have to lose their jobs for it. If automation becomes an alternative to human beings, employment problems will become apparent. The importance of machines in the workplace will increase, the need for the individual will decrease.

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If automation implement in most of the workplaces. there will be no need to recruit people for many posts in the various sector. Many positions will be occupied by robots or automation. In that case, our unemployment problem will be more obvious. Yet automation must be welcomed and prepared to deal with the potential damage caused by it. We also need to be able to use it to survive in the competition. No matter how much automation is done, it is not a human option. And we have to find new ways to protect the unemployed.


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