Daily Drawing Challenge: Sketch Of Robot (Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning)

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IMG_1052 (2).JPG

Greetings ,

Since Today's challenge is to draw machine in #dailydrawingchallenge (#ddc). I drew sketch of Robot⁠— which is Robotics area of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Also , I would love to share useful and relevant information about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to @projecthope community— Initiative by @juanmolina and @crypto.piotr.

Origin of word

The word Artificial Intelligence was first coined by John McCarthy.

Fundamental idea

The fundamental idea is to make intelligent machines that can mimic the human intelligence or perform same kind of functions.


Four possible goals of Systems

  1. Think like human

  2. Act like humans

  3. Think rationally

  4. Act rationally

Artificial Intelligence Classifications:

Cognitive ScienceRoboticsNatural Interface
Expert SystemComputer VisionNatural Language
Fuzzy LogicLocomotionVoice Recognition
Neural NetworkNavigationVirtual reality
Genetic AlgorithmTrackingMulti-sensory interface

Step wise Drawing Process:

First, I sketched out from reference image.
IMG_1031 (2).JPG

Secondly, I added few details to identify areas where to apply strokes.
IMG_1033 (2).JPG

Then, I darkened Edges and applied some strokes.
IMG_1052 (2).JPG

Fourthly, I shaded it lightly with pencil.
IMG_1056 (2).JPG

Added 0 and 1 Binary codes to show Binary Language.

IMG_1065 (2).JPG

Finally, I erased numbers again because I did not want it to distract Hivers from the real art and shaded sketch
IMG_1052 (4).JPG

Thank you for reading post.

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Very interesting draw.

Have a great day.

Thank you so much for appreciation!

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are those nut bolts ? in the face ...

btw creativity ❤️ artwork ❤️ keep it up .

Thank you so much for appreciation. Well , I used reference image of generic robot that says nothing about them. However, I am pretty sure these are not nut bolts. These might be sensors...

This is a cool drawing from the world of smart intelligence using machine language. I like those mechanical equipment affixed on its parts.
Thank you for sharing your idea.

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