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We all hear about how AI can help in revolutionising and redefining industries helping in a today menial task and drastically changing our decision-making process,
But have you wondered

What kind of industries have adopted AI technologies already ??

How are they actually benefiting from them?

Now let us have a look at the top applications Of A.I in 2020


  1. We have the Agriculture industry AI has been helping farmers in collecting and analyzing farm data like soil health and condition house and crafts etc.
    Blue River Technology a pioneer in this industry has helped farmers in controlling lead and pass through precision spraying of Vita sites and pesticides.

  2. We have the Automobile Industry, we all have heard of Tesla .
    Tesla Smart cars have AI monitoring or sensors detecting predicting and preventing any dangers of problems in a vehicle. They also have assisted driving cars as an AI acting as co-pilot and driverless cars are something coming up.

  3. We have the Shopping industry the most frequent way in which these e-commerce websites apply AI in product recommendation. They keeps a track of all the data like your passport ,chains your shopping style and also the current trend and use it to suggest items will most likely end up buying.20200628001136.jpg
    Another way they are implementing AI in customer support the chat box which assist us in buying ,inquiring, complaining and so on.

  4. We have home automation A.I integrated with IOT is being used in home automation for enhance security as a personal assistant, assisting in reducing a day to day tasks like online shopping are setting up reminders setting up room temperature etc.

  5. Social media twitter is using AI to filter out head comments. Facebook and Instagram use image recognizing techniques to create albums and personalise your feeds and so on.

  6. We have the Gaming industry Force and counter assault record also known as fear is a first-person shooter video game. Developed by monolith productions the opponent here on the air as unpredictable and reacts every minor detail making it quite challenging and very tough to win.

  7. We have the Education industry many education and cities apply AI to make learning more comfortable for the student by customizing the learning material based on to this knowledge experience and intelligence Institute's such as topper and quiz let's use AI for smart test preparation.

  8. We have the Navigation industry GPS navigation systems in degrees AI to keep track of data such as traffic in a particular area and luck in my newsroom paints on the past records like how much time it took in the past for navigating through a particular area.

  9. We have the healthcare and the research industry from disease protection diagnosis to Nepal exogenous, AI has already been helping doctors and researchers two of the major contributors are companies like IBM, Watson.
    Health and our minds they're helping in development of drugs and drug research.

  10. We have creativity by making awareness artist. AI can done create a behavior and use it to create music paint and so on one of the most jaw-dropping example is IBM Watson cognitive platform which was used to create a movie trailer the first of a Sky Force, 20th Century Fox horror flick Kollmorgen.

So these were the some applications of AI,
hope you like it all ,do some research about AI yourself......


>>>>>>>>>>>Special thanks to ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️@crypto.piotr Founder of @project.hope




Yours truly @sarkash7011

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