YouTube plans to become a shopping platform

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What will be the reaction of YouTube users when they discover that their favorite entertainment and video platform will become a shopping platform. It is something that we are about to know, as Google intends to turn the YouTube social network into a platform where we can purchase merchandise.

Many youtubers offer merchandise through their videos on YouTube and for years they have left links in the description of their videos, these links are usually from the online shopping giant Amazon, so YouTube intends to enter this business, it pretends that its creators of content now use YouTube so that the consumer acquires the product which would generate earnings in commissions for YouTube.

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I recently saw a video of one of my favorite youtuber where he explained that on youtube for saying a word the youtube algorithm demonetized the video, he explained that words like suicide demonetize the videos automatically even if you do it in a healthy context, he explained that There is no context on YouTube because it is simply an algorithm that decides and not a person, he explained that despite being a person with millions of followers and millions of views, it was very difficult to contact a person who works on YouTube, mainly because youtube loses money, he explained that youtube does not really generate a profit, everything that comes in from advertising is spent by paying content creators, so youtube is not very interested in complaints from a content creator. So for these reasons it is logical to think that YouTube wants to find a way to generate more income.

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Soon we will see widespread in many YouTube channels the opportunity to buy directly from the platform, it never ceases to amaze me how everything changes in favor of business is something that seems good to me, I hope that YouTube makes more money with this and can reward better to its content creators, so YouTube aims to join the e-commerce one that experts say will generate about $ 22 billion in 2025.

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Greetings friend, hopefully with this proposal can pay better to content creators, lately You tube has sought ways to monetize on several sides, now it becomes very annoying the amount of advertising placed, unless you pay to use it free of advertising. Despite this, it is still a good platform to consult audiovisual content.

Thank you for the information, my friend. Have a great weekend!

hmmm.. this does make sense although i don't trust them enough to buy stuff from them hahahahaha .. this reminds me of tv shopping all over again

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This type of social networks, as we show, has considered to generate profit through digital marketing as a strategy, over time it was realized in a classic way that what generated content has produced more losses, it is very clear that it establishes this strategy d. marketing within its ecosystem and generates benefits with all the users that make it up and bring it to life.

Hello friend, the truth would be great, I think many people including youtube would benefit. I'm not an online shopper, I don't know the truth I've always felt safer with the old method hehehe but maybe at some point it would be good to try something new.

Hello @ramsesuchiha
I had no idea this was happening, but it looks good to me for youtube, not for youtubers,
I don't think youtube doesn't make enough money, it must surely make millions from advertising, regardless of what it pays the content creators.