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BlackBerry was born in Canada in 1984, in 1999 it launched its first device, the BlackBerry 850, which was a success thanks to new interfaces, the ability to send email and a full QWERTY keyboard, quickly became a hit with entrepreneurs and stockbrokers of Wall Street, success increased with each new cell phone they brought to market.

In 2005 BlackBerry launched one of the first instant online chats, allowing users to send text messages to each other without paying, this fact attracted all kinds of audiences beyond entrepreneurs and catapulted BlackBerry as the market leader in mobile phones, as the most profitable company.

But in 2007 every change came one of the geniuses that had changed the world before with the Apple 2 computer. Now based on the design of the iPod launched the iPhone a smartphone without a keyboard, the world surrendered at his feet, Mr. Steve Jobs changed the history of humanity again with this fact, the touch screen on smartphones would change the mobile phone industry and the world.



This was the beginning of the end for BlackBerry they did not take the iPhone as a rival, they wrongly analyzed that the iPhone was for a young audience and that it was a target that they did not handle, little by little all the public was acquiring the iPhone, Google notice it, notice the success of the iPhone and replicated its operating system in order to sell it to other mobile phone developers who wanted to use the touch screen, that's how Android was born.

So RIM, the parent company BlackBerry, simply fell asleep while its competitors struggled more and more to present a better product, to attract the consumer, in 2009 BlackBerry shares continued to rise and executives thought that new technologies had not affected them, BlackBerry continued betting on the public that was not ready to write without a keyboard, little by little it was becoming obsolete, its operating system became outdated and its cell phone models too.

In 2009 they decided to react with the launch of an imitation of the iPhone, but it did not work, the interface was clumsy and the design was outdated, they kept making the same mistakes and lagged behind in the market, finally in 2013 they had to lay off 4,500 employees and their Shares fell to the bottom.



What mistakes make blackberry?

  • They had 2 CEO, which was a leadership and communication problem.That was the cause of his touch cell phone model being a disaster.

  • He had no vision of the future, the future was on the touch screen and he did nothing, they continued betting on QWERTY keyboards.

  • Slow reaction capacity, in the technological sector you must adapt quickly to new trends and BlackBerry did not.

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Hello @ ramsesuchiha
This is a clear example that any business that is not willing to innovate technologically and take into account market trends, is betting to failure.

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