Economic Battle | Playsation vs Nintendo and Sega

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In 1993 the video game industry was considered a children's market, video games were just simple toys but one company understood that gamers were growing, so their needs is also why the playstation focused on teenage and adult players forever changes the market for video games, it was not easy this is the story of playstation one.

"Two ninety-nine" 299 is the “i am iron man” of gaming.

Playstation one was the big winner of this console battle, at E3 1995 Sony Computer Entertainment America President Steve Race spoke this phrase "299" in the speech of the Sony conference, which gives him the title of the conference shortest in the history of E3 the most important event in the video game industry.

Everyone expected a great speech that highlighted the advantages of PlayStation, above the sega saturn the rival console that had been announced for a price of 399, with a fairly long speech, but Steve surprised everyone and only pronounced this phrase, it is said that sega executives just said oh shit! .

The great betrayal.



At the beginning, the people of SONY were interested in entering the video game industry, so they made a deal with NINTENDO, the market leader, Sony had built them modern audio chips for the Super Nintendo console, so the deal was In fact, Sony and Nintendo would launch a console with a CD player that was presented in 1991, but that same year and in an act of humiliation, Nintendo would break the deal with Sony to ally with Phillips, Ken Kutaragi, the person in charge of the project at Sony, swore revenge.

In 1993, the king console of that generation, the PlayStation one, would be released by Ken Kutaragi, who treats independent video game developers very well. They were treated as artists due to Sony's tradition of music. So with a larger catalog and a more powerful console, Nintendo was unable to do anything and was defeated, because its console with Phillips was a disaster and then the Nintendo 64 don't have a extensive catalog games to fight with the people of Sony.

Console nameQuantities sold
Playstation one104.25 million
Nintendo32.93 million
Sega Saturn9.26 million
Phillips Cd-i1 million



What did playstation do at a business level to win?

  • He knew how to identify a market, the players that grew, and they needed more challenging and realistic games.
  • Get independent video game developers, companies like squaresoft, capcom, konami ... etc. They developed games for Sony, for its excellent treatment of the worker.
  • He had a management directive focused on doing things right, it is well known from the tours of Europe by the people of Sony showing developers the power of the PlayStation to encourage them to develop.
  • Much broader catalog of video games.
  • Best price.
  • Better technology, the correct use of the CD rom in a console.



This is how a company with good judgment and honesty managed to conquer the video game market, in its first appearance and since then it has been king, Sony gives a business lesson with the PlayStation one on how to enter a business, beat Nintendo and Sega despite the fact that these 2 had years in the industry, overcame a betrayal worthy of Game of Thrones, did it with hard work and business judgment, made the right decisions and won.

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