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Gaining educational literacy is an evident desire in this present age and time but we often disregard financial literacy which needs to be taken with great importance. Financial literacy is a great necessity that needs to be taken with high importance, financial literacy provides us with the needed confidence and skill required to live a better financial life.

Financial literacy changes our mentality about money, the regular mentality about finance is that money is scarce but financial literacy makes us see things in a brighter light, the truth that financial education exposes us to about money is that money is only scarce to those who do not know how to get it but money is not scarce to those who have the right skill and have positioned themselves in a place where that skill is expected.


Certainly almost everyone in the world at this point earns money either it is little or much, but the financial literate even when they earn little usually come out different after sometime but that is not the case for a financial illiterate person, financial literacy teaches us on how to spend the money we earn, it teaches us the difference between gaining necessities and just wasting what we earn on things that are not going to benefit our finance.

It is possible to have a lot of money and loose it all with the snap of a finger within few months or years if there is no financial education. History as constantly showed to us that it is never about how much is earned at a time, it is rather about the level of financial education gained at a time to handle the available finance.

The mentioned financial education is available on almost every social media channels and it is readily available for anyone who wants to get it, but even as easy and cheap it is to get these financial information, a lot of people remain ignorant about it because they are not listening to the right people. A lot of people are only available on social media for the purpose of entertainment when they can easily get valuable information and great financial lessons on social media.

Sticking to the wrong idea about money is one of the reasons why a lot of people never pass the stage of financial illiteracy, there are so many wrong myths about money and a lot of people have remained driven by that myth which is delaying their growth in finance, these myth can be broken by listening to the right financial channel.


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Greetings friend, you are absolutely right, I am currently in that process of financial education, to help manage my finances and not waste my money on luxurious liabilities. Your material is very educational and creates curiosity in the reader, which is what you want, so that they begin to inquire about financial education.

See you later my friend, have a good weekend!

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Hi @mojubare
What I see in general terms is that a lot of "financial education" is based in a country that is not ours, and that makes for substantial differences in wanting to apply some of the things that those experienced financiers profess.
We have to find a way to adapt everything.