The world's first superconductor to operate at room temperature/El primer superconductor del mundo que opera a temperatura ambiente

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The energy produced by the various generation technologies has to be transported to the cores where it is needed, due to the resistance offered by the cables, the power lines lose much of the energy that is transported, making them not as efficient as one would expect .

La energía producida por las diversas tecnologías de generación ha de ser transportada hasta los núcleos donde se necesita, debido a la resistencia que ofrecen los cables los tendidos eléctricos pierden mucha de la energía que se transporta haciendo que éstas no sean todo lo eficientes que cabría esperar.

Nowadays science has already discovered superconducting materials that are capable of transporting electricity without having any loss but, in order for them to work, they have to be cooled down to 140 ºC below zero which complicates things a lot when creating power lines.

Hoy día la ciencia ya ha descubierto materiales superconductores que con capaces de transportar la electricidad sin tener ninguna pérdida pero, para que funcionen, han de ser enfriados hasta los 140 ºC bajo cero lo cual complica bastante las cosas a la hora de crear tendidos eléctricos.

But the ideal would be to get materials that were superconducting at room temperature, which would greatly facilitate things and that is what a group of scientists from the University of Rochester in the USA have done, they have achieved superconductivity at 15 ºC.

Pero lo ideal sería conseguir materiales que fuesen superconductores a temperatura ambiente lo que facilitaría enormemente las cosas y eso es lo que han hecho un grupo de científicos de la Universidad de Rochester en USA, han conseguido la superconductividad a 15 ºC.


This could be very useful, not only would it save a lot of money in the transport of electricity, but it could also be applied to all kinds of electronic devices since with this technique they would generate much less heat with the consequent savings in refrigeration.

Esto podría ser muy útil no solo se ahorraría mucho dinero en el transporte de la electricidad sino que podría aplicarse a todo tipo de dispositivos electrónicos pues con esta técnica generarían mucho menos calor con el consiguiente ahorro en refrigeración.

But for the moment this discovery has a problem, it is necessary to subject the material to extremely high pressures, of the order of 267 Gigapascals or 2.6 million atmospheres, which is something equivalent to the pressure existing in the center of the Earth with which we continue being practically the same.

Pero por el momento este descubrimiento tiene un problema, se necesita someter al material a presiones sumamente elevadas, del orden de 267 Gigapascales o 2,6 millones de atmósferas que es algo equivalente a la presión existente en el centro de la Tierra con lo cual seguimos estando prácticamente igual.


But hey, according to experts, this recent discovery will help them better understand how superconductivity works, which will allow them to continue investigating to achieve more stable materials at ambient pressure by modifying their chemical properties.

Pero bueno, según los expertos, este reciente descubrimiento les ayudará a entender mejor como funciona la superconductividad lo que les permitirá seguir investigando para conseguir materiales más estables a presión ambiental modificando sus propiedades químicas.

In addition to efficient lines and electronic devices that do not generate heat, since these superconductors also behave the same with magnetism (in fact they are electromagnetic forces), which would allow the manufacture of transports that work by magnetic levitation at room temperature.

Además de tendidos eficientes y dispositivos electrónicos que no generen calor dado que estos superconductores también se comportan igual con el magnetismo (de hecho son fuerzas electro-magnéticas) lo que permitiría la fabricación de transportes que funcionasen por levitación magnética a temperatura ambiente.

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We are in an era of a new technological era, which describes a new history, since every second a new innovation is born and with it a new philosophy of seeing things and new challenges of science, as the information shows us from the materials semiconductors and the technology used to perform scrolling thanks for this content.

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Hola @mauromar, son muy inteligentes esos científicos siempre están descubriendo cosas para mejorar el mundo.

Hello friend, the truth is that every day the technology advances more and more, it is surprising the things that can be done and improve. Thanks for sharing it.

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They found the solution to something, but another complication arose, because I suppose that to be able to subject the material to such pressure must not be easy.
But, interestingly enough, they will probably later be able to build that which will surely facilitate many processes.

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