Schools will not give you that Financial Education you desire

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Since when I was a kid, one thing I have always believe is that whatever we find to the school, the school exposes us to and then we are at the end grateful to the school for that.

I have always believe if we go to the school for education academically, we shall surely get it. If you went to the school for knowledge, moral lessons and technology ideas exposing to the world evolving, the school shall surely help you out.


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And it actually seems like the school helps out in some I mentioned earlier as that can't be denied but as I begin to grow I discover it is far from it. I discovered I was looking for something in the school but it seems like at the end of the day, weeks, months and years, it seems I am finding it difficult to get it in the school and that is financial education.

And as I begin to grow, I begin to realise somethings which made me to conclude that schools will not give you financial education. Yes, are you shock? Don't be.

No matter how we clamour on how much schools offers, there are just some things beyond which schools can offer and one of this is financial education. The financial education you desire for you might not be able to get it in the school you think you will and so if truly you are determined to acquire that financial education you desire, it is left for you to find and look for it much more beyond the school environment.

If you keep waiting for schools to give you that financial education, I am afraid you might wait forever. Why continue waiting when what you look for is already surrounded with you. Look beyond the schools and find other places where you can get that financial education.

As I conclude last time, schools will not give you that financial education you desire, it is left for you to be determined to look much more beyond the school atmosphere and environment to get that financial education you desire.


I agree with you about this... You will maybe learn some basics about the finances in the school, but that is far away from being enough to survive and to know how to manage your money and other assets...

That can help you as a starting point, but you have to do the hard work and scratch under the surface and DYOR...

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