The Ransomware was removed from my university's servers.

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All servers are already operational, Congratulations.

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They made a great effort

I must acknowledge my coworkers in the university rectory, specifically the Director of computer services and a computer analyst, they made a great effort to format all the servers and all the desktop computers, after the attack received by a Ransomware.

Much anguish.

An attack with these characteristics where all the database servers and the desktop computers were attacked by this malicious software which generated a lot of anguish, due to the country's problems and quarantine.

The anguish was due to the short time and the type of work in the area where my colleagues had to go to work.

Something very important is the information of all the servers were well backed up.

Country situation.

It is something that can happen to any of us, but just imagine: all this happened on the servers of a University, and that additionally we are quarantined in a country where the government has somehow forced many people and I can say the most prepared From a University that they have to flee due to the situation in the country and due to that not having enough personnel to solve a problem that could be solved in two or three days.

Well the situation in my country is the subject of another publication.

Honor to whom deserves honor.

That despite the few tools my colleague has, they did everything in their power to get all the university servers up and running. They deserve great recognition for this achievement they made.

They learned the lesson of that I am very sure and the best thing of all is that it was possible to record how the attacks were and they also managed to implement an even safer system, but I must clarify that with the limitations that we have in the university it was possible to fix the entire problem .

I repeat, all servers are operational, we are all happy about that.

To all of you who are reading this publication, I recommend you, please save your data and always support the information. and above all never pay a ransom.

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greetings i am glad to know that the university servers are already operational, this attack is directed to the students since normally a public institution does not have the resources to pay the ransom of the information and even having to pay that ransom does not
guarantees to retrieve the information "not paying is best".
a better option is to have a backup of all the information and thus guarantee that no business will be created from this crime.

They must implement a proxy with a firewall.
This would greatly prevent external attacks.

Congratulations to your team, they are champions!