Easy steps that will guide you to a great financial life

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I have always wondered why someone will think it is best to live some sort of low and isolated life until they get to their retirement age then they can begin to enjoy life, at that age in my own opinion there is almost nothing to enjoy any more your teeth’s are probably weak to eat the choicest of meats and your strength will not even get you the type of energy you want. I was trying to get some advice on how to live a great financial life and that was when I came across the topic of saving until retirement age before we decide to live the type of life we want and certainly that did not sit well with me so I decided to look further.


While searching for more result, I found something similar to what I believe was suitable for me and it might just be suitable for you also, you already know it is wrong to consume every content displayed on social media pages I just take out the viable and reasonable lessons from it and move on with my life and I guess everyone needs to do the same thing.

You will agree with me that we all have different definitions of financial independence, some people are comfortable with paying off their debts and living in a small apartment with a lovely family while they never miss any good meal and for others their own definition of financial freedom is to have a private jet, go for several holidays and live a complete flashy lifestyle while they wear the latest trend of clothes. The two set of individuals described above will have to set different types of goal and have strategic plan to getting to that level of achievement.

The first step to achieving a financial sustainability is to define what you will refer to as a financially sustainable point, then begin to work towards the plan you set for yourself breaking that huge plan into little bits as this will help you celebrate each successful milestone you accomplish.

Financial achievement is attainable when you are able to properly invest in yourself, a good investment in yourself. Invest in certain trainings that will make you become better and to be able to add more value to your person and your skill, this way people will be able to pay more for the value you are ready to offer.

Live below your income, this fact has been mentioned by several people but it is also difficult to keep up with this lifestyle since we have credit cards to help us pay for the things we need, but regularly using credit cards to pay for the type of lifestyle we want to live will not help in any way to attain the level of financial achievement we want.


Hi friend, good advice, I really liked your concept of living a little below our income, you are absolutely right because sometimes we are used to a lot of luxuries that end up being passive that generate a lot of expenses.

See you later 🤝

Hello friend, I agree with you, we should not wait for a certain age to live our life, it is good to save, but I think that investing in something that gives us benefits would be the best thing, thinking about the future is good, but we should work on it and not wait until we do not have more strength to enjoy it. Obviously this does not mean that being in the third age we cannot enjoy our life, but maybe we will not be able to perform certain activities.

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