The true standard of wealth that will make it last

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The true definition of wealth is not measured by how much you have in your bank account or how much you have to spare it is rather measured by how much you have working for you in your absence or even while you are asleep, the more avenue to make money work for you the better you become.

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The value obtained from personal experience cannot be quantified, wealth for so many people is focused on having a luxurious home, a fancy car and other luxurious things and they fail to see the world from another angle, gaining experiences in different fields adds to your knowledge and even after those luxurious items fade, you will still have the memories from your experience that will stick with you for a longer time.

Humility is a serious fact for the maintenance of long term wealth, a lot of people lose their wealth faster than they make it because they have not mastered the urge to live a flashy lifestyle they totally forget the type of person they are, without humility, flaunting your wealth is certain and that will make you fall into a deep trap sooner than you know it. When money is taking as just a tool to major achievement, humility becomes even more easy but pride is certain when you focus every of your attention on getting rich.


That you have some extra money kept somewhere does not mean you should buy everything you desire, when you keep spending, the money continues to reduce and the fact that you can afford it does not mean you should continue to buy everything, there is a huge difference between want and need if you are not able to differentiate between the two factors then you will end up spending everything and then have nothing to fall back on. While purchasing items to satisfy your pleasure, you need to look at the long term effect, will you still be able to maintain the item bought years to come or is it going to turn around to become a liability to you.

When you have extra money is when you need to do an adequate investment in yourself, you need to invest thoroughly in yourself because that is the best type of investment that can be made, investing in yourself will provide you with the opportunity of being able to add more value all the time, make sure you are gaining more value with every passing opportunity and you are spending every minute to increase your self-worth.


Hello @eni-ola
The concept of wealth varies so much from one person to another that it is difficult to give one that can satisfy everyone. However, I read some time ago that wealth is represented by how long you can last without working, living with dignity.
But all this is relative and variable.
I agree that the greatest investment is made in oneself, and it is what lasts over time that one learns.

Hello friend, you are very right, the daily income or our work does not make us rich, as you well say to have money working for us if, I believe that it is a good approach. Most people work 12 hours for a fixed salary, but they don't worry about putting that money to work so that in the future they can stop working like slaves.

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