Is hacked? What else is available then?

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I think not many have heard of Beeme is basically a copy of but it is based on Hive instead of Steem. It was launched with little to no publicity and this is the only post from the creator since April.

Perhaps it was due to its mixed reception that this project did not really take off. On one hand there are people who celebrated having "SteemWorld" back on Hive. On the other hand, there were people who said that this is a blatant rip-off/plagiarism.

While I did not delve deeper to the legality of copying the site. I thought was a nice and useful service to have on Hive. However, when visited the site today, I was greeted with the following message. page is replaced with "Black Lives Matter" message

The page used to look like this,

Screenshots courtesy of @daltono

Source and I hope @daltono is okay with me using his screenshots.

I know that because of the protests over the death of George Floyd, hacktivism is on the rise. Recently a United Nations site was also allegedly hacked and inserted with a message "Rest in Power George Floyd". On the page, there was also the logo of the "Anonymous" collective and the picture of George Floyd. Though the page is now taken down for maintenance, you can still view it on Wayback Machine.

So is also hacked and replaced with the message? Or is this a deliberate message from @beeme, the creators of the site? This question was asked but there is still no answer from the developers. Perhaps we will never get an answer as I think this project is probably abandoned.

Question on what is happening to

In any case, even without, there is still HiveStats. HiveStats is created by LeoFinance and it provides similar functions as to It allows you to check some interesting statistics on your Hive account and I find the curation APR particularly useful.


When compared to or, HiveStats is still lacking in some of the tools like creating an account with tickets you claimed with your RC and checking the authorizations you have granted to various dApps. However, I think it will be improved eventually.

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I can understand that you wanna bring awereness to BLM.

But wouldn't it be more useful for it to show BML while loading? And maybe just reduces the loading speed if you want people to continue to use the site.

I am currently tired of randomly getting blm x)
I will properly use hivestats going forward

Precisely. So it is unlikely that this is a deliberate move by the developers. It is more likely that it is a hack.

Dear @culgin

I've been also quite shocked to see beeme black screen with that one particular message and i was wondering ... WTF.

I wonder how long will take for developers behind this tool to bring it back to normal.

Cheers, Piotr

Yes, let's hope so. But it seems like this project is abandoned already. There is no update from the developers since its launch

Yesterday I tried to use the website and it worked for certain accounts but on others I got the BLM message. Today it shows the message for all accounts. I liked the fact that you could see the detail of your delegations (incoming/outgoing). I don't believe you can see that on hivestats yet.

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Fyi, you can't see it on HiveStats but you can see it on Peakd. Go to your wallet and click on the magnifying glass above "Delegate".


That's most useful. Thanks a lot !

it's really bad news .

Yes, indeed

@culgin first of all very nice article, I am also seen this but the message was different , it was it's not hacked. Written. And I was also about to write about it but now you have written. I will chose some other topic


Maybe the creator just want to bring BLM awareness but emm, hive stats works. Never heard of beeeme either.

Possible but not probable.

If they just want to bring attention to BLM, they could have just added a banner while still allowing the service. Taking the service offline and replacing it with the text is too odd. Given that there is no explanation from the team yet, I doubt this is a planned move.

Oh this really bad

Yes, it is

Refreshing the page once or twice you will get thru to the site, but I agree that I would like them to stop.

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this is shocking i was one of user of that platform because i loved steemworld. thanks for bringing this information among us.

I have dumped long ago. I now used