Having a Healthy Spending Habit

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Spending is a habit that is cultivated by continually wanting to have everything with every money on a person, that is why it is called spending habit. I remembered a long time ago, I love buying everything and regularly, I would go on a shopping spree just to get both what I wanted and what wasn’t relevant then, decided to do what I call “a cut off of everything spending” and focus more on spending wisely. Spending is anything that takes money of you and so I had to start with the least suspicious.


First, I cut off everything called charges as charges are one form of pocket eaters that consume lot of money without noticing. From transaction fees, withdrawal fees, exchange fees, and all though, these charges might seem harmless but at the end of the week or the month, they end up digging deep into the pockets without notice. When you combine how much you are being charged by the banks for charges you would realize that you are spending more than usual.

Interest charges on loans and credit cards is another one. It is easy to pay for things bought with cash than credit card. Using credit cards to purchase means unnecessary spending as well accumulated interest on money used at the end of the month. Interest could go up to 15% and this is not good for your wallet. Loans on the other hand are money that are meant to be borrowed for business purposes, but a lot of people can borrow money for anything needed including buying unnecessary thing.


One other thing that takes away money from people is spending to impress. You do not have to buy thing you do not need with the money you do not have to impress people who do not care. When you do not spend to impress, you end up spending less compared to when you spend to impress.

All the above discussed is not good for one’s spending habit. Working on how to reduce these things will help create a good financial life.


Hello friend, thanks for the advice, they are very accurate, I used to use my credit card, it is a double-edged sword because the interests as you mention are very high.

See you later! 👍

Hello friend

Very good publication, certainly most people don't know how to measure their expenses, I think it is necessary to get organized about this because if you spend too much it can be a big problem for us. Thank you for sharing.

Hi @busted2

It is summarized in that we must develop the capacity to eliminate expenses, in addition it could limit in that it is necessary to create some additional source of income, I believe that everything becomes easier.

Good article, knowing where every penny goes is important for healthy finances.