The Great Migration.

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Some days ago, I made a post on an old Tatra 77/87, a remnant of the Czechoslovakian automotive industry in the 1930s, and 40s. I wrote as to how it became a silent killer - owing to its ability to cruise at high speeds, yet combined with easily excitable handling. Joy-riding Nazis would soon pay the ultimate price, having stolen these cars from the innocent Czechoslovakians who had lived under their occupation in the Second World War.

These old Tatras had killed more high-ranking officers of the Reich, than in active combat - wrapping them around a tree, or sending them through a shop window. In the last paragraph, I wrote a little quotation - "Take what isn't yours, and you'll pay for it, sooner or later ". Short, but sweet enough to convey the message. Little did I know then, that it would give such ironical meaning a few days later.

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There's always a repercussion, and we learn to enjoy a happy life by creating what we yearn, not by taking them from others. Karma, some call it. As any criminal knows well, a life of thievery is a difficult one to appreciate. To live, knowing that every walking hour would see your misdeeds catch up to you. There's a constant fear of the outcomes, and that one of these days, you'll have to pay the price for what you've stolen.

The only questions to ask, then - are you proud of what you've done? Proud over what you've stolen, and the ruination that's been left behind, unto others who never meant harm? What one taketh in force, they giveth whole worlds to repent.

A Fork In The Road.

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Of course, the subject matter for today is regarding Steemit's new hard-fork, one with intentions of creating a "New Steem ". Perhaps then, on the surface at least, it seemed as though they had noble intentions. Following months of stagnation, perhaps it deserved a fresh breath of life, to have a second chance and recreate itself into the angel that it should've been. The reality couldn't have been farther from the truth however, as this angel has now sunken far below to the underworld. Walking in the simmering fires of hell, it's made peace with the devil, and so leaves a trail of destruction for others in its wake.

There are others who may acquaint you better with the technicalities, but in simple terms, the hard-fork can clearly be seen as having only one intention in mind - scorched earth. Following the creation of HIVE, those who had migrated onto the new chain still had their stake with Steemit, thus leaving us with the ability to vote and affect alterations on the old chain. This is especially true for those larger witnesses, that have for the past few years, toiled away at making honest improvements with Steemit.

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As they practice a scorched earth policy, they had already isolated those witnesses and stakeholders from their accounts, containing funds which Steemit has now appropriated for themselves. These funds aren't just rewards for the curation, or creation of content, but are personal investments made for Steemit. Livelihoods at stake, with all those "dissenters " marked for their assets to be claimed by the State. They own nothing now, as only HIVE protects.

This saga doesn't end however, and even as I type this, there are countless multitudes of drama unfolding behind the curtains. Apparently, a hacker with possibly good intentions has re-acquired the keys, those which unlocks a $5 million plunder from the community - monies stolen by those witnesses and stakeholders - are now being transferred to an exchange. Perhaps, to be returned?

It continues, and surely someone, somewhere will rue this day. For the rest of us, the jests, and the memes of this spectacular failure might just live in infamy. Still, I do think about the cause, and effect of all this fighting. It may have created a state of war between those who have a large stake in either chain, but what does that mean for regular folk like myself, those who's only intentions were to have fun, and mingle? I never wanted war, nor did I want to choose.

To Divorce, To Part Ways.

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When HIVE was borne from fire, out of the ruins from a bewildered Steemit, there were those who were taking sides. Those who I call friends had mostly moved onto HIVE, while others were clear on Steemit's apparent legitimacy. I kept quiet, and I insisted on one thing only - that both chains be allowed to co-exist in peace. Competition is welcome, but never force a user's hands into choosing one or the other, principles aside. Would you force that same fate unto a chid, having to choose between father, or mother following a divorce?

Of course not, and I wanted no part of that. Besides, there was plenty of room for two chains, and at the end of the day, Steemit and HIVE had the same end goals, from what I can see. Both exist to disrupt an already disruptive industry, as we see social media and content publishing growing ever larger, placing itself into a larger role in the machinations of human civilisation. If our target was greedy corporations, like Facebook, then why fight? The enemy of my enemy, is my friend, as they say.

It's far too late to discuss what happened, and how we got here. Suffice to say, I kept on posting and engaging with both HIVE, and Steemit. My priorities and liking stood with the former, though I kept sailing along, knowing that there's good people on both sides, all trying to enjoy themselves, and sharing imaginations aplenty. Over time however, I became more electrifyingly impassioned with HIVE, and how the community has rallied behind a "rebellion ". Equally, I felt more distant from Steemit, ever concerned over signs of malaise and a lack of enthusiasm.

But I can no longer accept being neutral, not with what's happened. I like to think of myself as a pragmatist first, and a principled fellow second. Yet, I cannot stand idly-by, not while I see a corrupt system steal - in broad daylight, mind you - from the common folk which had elevated it to greatness. How can I accept that a King has stolen from the people, out of petty concerns over threatening stability, or simply being unyielding? Could there not have been some process of mediation, or diplomacy, as adults would have them?

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This is the last straw for me, and from this point onwards, I will no longer publish posts on Steemit, though I won't entirely disregard my curiosity every once in a while to see what's what. My most recent post which was posted here on HIVE, and then shared onto Steemit, was made within 24 hours of the fork. It received some interesting attention from an enraged community. To be more specific, this attention comes in the form of penises. Much of the male genitalia was vividly spammed onto the comments of that post, and I can imagine this may have happened to others as well.

Childish, perhaps. Though given the emotions that Steemit had caused, I can understand, and I will say, it might be well deserved for me. I can no longer wade between two factions, when one has clearly breached timely honours. Just as an unassuming citizen, caught in the crossfire between warring nations - an aggressor, and a youngling - I can no longer stay in the middle. It's not easy, and I never wanted this. But now, more than ever, I have to choose. My heart aches, but what can be done?

What about you, friend? Will you, or have you chosen?

Help Wanted...

P.S. As part of my steady abandonment from Steem, I'm in the process of withdrawing my funds. Clearly, this is something that must be done in silence, for fear of retaliation. Owing to my freelance work, even a relatively paltry sum like which I've built over nearly a year now, is considered a livelihood, and its loss would be devastating. The process thus far has been simple enough, with a power-down here, and a transfer there.

P.P.S If you know about how to make withdrawals quickly, smoothly, and subtly, then please let me know, or link a useful guide for my reference. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Yep difficult choice, I discover the world of Crypto thanks to Steem. With the lockdown working at home, I have less time to post every day on two different platforms then I'm trying to focus on Hive now. On Steem, power down (if you have a tip to do it faster...) but I think to keep liquid steem, it's like a first love difficult to forget 😀

Yeah, that's true! I'm still trying to power-down, and liquidate most of what Steem I have. I think it's not worth all that time cycling in between two platforms, since I've not paid much attention to Steemit for a while now, not at least since HIVE has been created. Far more fun and engagement here instead.

I'm still trying to learn all the things about withdrawals and stuff, so fingers crossed it'll all work out well!

Yeah I read about all this on Twitter last night. I cannot say I fully understand it but it's really sad that the two chains that has the same goals to solve the real world problems hasn't come to a common agreement.
With all these going on, I'm sure it's making noise all over the world. I only hope the authorities don't step in and disrupt the operation of HIVE.

It's pretty sad, indeed. I never wanted to take sides, but I just want to have fun and engage with people on both chains. But alas, I simply can't accept that Steemit is basically stealing now, just taking what they wanted from those people they believe might cause some disruption. It's all too unfortunate, though I'm glad that you've made the move to HIVE instead.

From what I know, Justin Sun is calling the cops on whoever "hacked" the keys, and transferred all that STEEM onto Bittrex (about $5-6 million in today's value). He's also calling the cops on HIVE for hard-forking, but I think he doesn't understand how blockchains work. Hardforks happen all the time, and I don't think anyone called the cops when Ethereum Classic forked out of Ethereum, so...

We still don't know what will happen to all that money, though I can assume that it'll be returned back to those who owned it. Also, those witnesses and stakeholders who got their STEEM taken by force from Steemit, are not preparing a lawsuit, and a lawyer has been found, it looks like.

I only joined HIVE because I was seeing it multiple times until I got really curious. I wonder if i would have got the same support if I joined steemit instead. Maybe I would have left already. Nevertheless I'm glad too that I'm on the good side.
Like you I also want only to have fun and grow my account along the way. I really hope we have a long future and all the stolen funds will be returned to the original owners without any further escalation.

I imagine new users on Steemit nowadays are probably confused as heck about what's going on. It's hard to commit to a platform that's in disarray. Still, here's hoping that this will get sorted out!

Hola, saludos y gracias por tu cuento. Te voy a seguir con el uso del traductor, la verdad disfruto mucho de compartir mis experiencias personales y algunos conocimientos prácticos, esperar los comentarios y la recompensa, que la verdad es una fuente de motivación para escribir regularmente.
Quiero entender mas acerca de las cripto monedas y los bloques o blockchain (como se diga)
¿Como funciona que el que escribamos relatos genera valor, dinero, de donde salen las recompensas, a quien y como beneficia este flujo de información? Gracias, gracias, gracias.

Hello, greetings and thanks for your story. I will follow you with the use of the translator, the truth is that I really enjoy sharing my personal experiences and some practical knowledge, waiting for the comments and the reward, that the truth is a source of motivation to write regularly.
I want to understand more about cryptocurrencies and blocks or blockchain (as you say)
How does it work that writing stories generates value, money, where do the rewards come from, to whom and how does this flow of information benefit? Thank you thank you thank you.

Hello, and thank you for the comment! To be honest with you, while I understand the general idea with cryptocurrencies, and the Blockchain that it runs on, I haven't yet wrapped myself around the technical aspects of it.

In simple terms, cryptocurrencies is a form of digital money, one that's been secured cryptographically. It's a matter of transaction for anything, not just goods and services, but also for validating or curating certain information. A quick Google search reveals one website that explains it well enough, though there are others that can provide more in-depth understandings of how it works (

The way it does this is through the Blockchain, where blocks of information are clumped together, and are chained with one another. It's an ecosystem where all data, information, and transactions are made anonymous, and publicly available on a ledger. It helps to maintain security, privacy, while making the entire ecosystem that surrounds it (like HIVE) more transparent.

One example of how the Blockchain works, is by going through Hive.blocks, a webpage to display all of what's going on with the HIVE blockchain ( Here, you can see the magic working, with every single transaction (money, data) from every single user, and all interactions working together on the chain, made publicly available for full transparency.

On HIVE, all those actions, such as publishing a post, gets recorded on the Blockchain, sort of like a golden ledger. Here, it is permanently tied to your name, and its value is created by others who enjoy them. It's a cycle of creating something, curating others, upvoting, and commenting that creates a string of value for the whole Blockchain - a give and take.

Just like how a biological ecosystem grows, with plants taking in carbon-dioxide and light for photosynthesis, with that energy co-existing with all the things around it. Writing stories generate attention, and with more people upvoting and commenting, more value is created. Rewards and comments come in good time, as you continue to publish good content on HIVE. The flow of information benefits you, and everyone else!

I hope that explains it well for you, and I do hope my explanations are good for understanding. I think there are way more people who can explain this better than myself :-)

Gray is said not to exist. Either it is white or it is black. To quote the extremes. Maybe the earthquake caused by Hive's appearance has something to do with it. And maybe it has a lot to do with the future of cryptocurrencies.
The only thing I don't like is the highly speculative factor it contains. Perhaps over time that will also disappear. Who knows.. Upvote

Gray is a particularly difficult colour to tread on, given how easy it is to fall into a sea of black, or white. HIVE's creation has certainly poured fuel over a small ember, but that ought to be expected, when that ember is slowly disappearing. We must do try to at least preserve that little bit of light. Maybe some day, it will glow brighter than ever, or it might just extinguish forever.

Cheers for the comment, and thanks for the upvote :-)

Thanks for writing this. What Stinc has done is launch themselves way past the line, a line they had already crossed. 31,249 of my own STEEM has been stolen. Anyone still supporting Steemit or Steem should be ashamed of themselves. They are supporting an evil cabal of thieves.

P.P.S If you know about how to make withdrawals quickly, smoothly, and subtly, then please let me know, or link a useful guide for my reference. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Looking at, you've started a power down after the hard fork which I thought would have enabled you to withdraw in four weeks. However it seems your withdraw rate is still at the 13-week rate. I'll have to ask around about that.

Cheers for dropping a comment, I appreciate it. Even after the whole Justin Sun takeover, and the fork to create HIVE, I had no concerns over switching. Despite some of the controversies, I had no issues about going around Steem and HIVE. But this blind thievery is just going too far.

I hope you're doing well, and you'll get the money back. It's rightfully yours, and there's no one who should take that away from you, not legally anyways. I've read on Decrypt (I believe) that Bittrex, despite not wanting to give-in to Justin Sun, has no choice but to consider giving it back to Steemit. It's a decision in progress, last I checked, so I guess it's wise to start asking Bittrex's management to reconsider. Apparently, there's an open letter going around...

And many thanks also for the help! I've been asking around for the power-down period a lot, but I haven't seem to have gotten a straight answer yet. To clarify, I made the power-down move just before the fork, so maybe, it's still stuck on the old 13 weeks schedule, instead of the new one? Maybe, I should cancel that one, and re-do another power-down claim?

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

I see you stopped your power down. If you want to liquify your STEEM, try starting it up again. It should move at the 4-week rate. Also, savings balances take three days to withdraw.

Ah, yes! I just stopped, and re-done the Power-Down just minutes ago. Good news, it's moving at the 4-week rate now! I haven't yet tried to withdraw my savings balance, since it looks like Binance (the most convenient exchange I have access to ) still hasn't been able to take new deposits, because of the "network upgrade".

I guess they haven't fully implemented the hard-fork, yet? In any case, I'll keep checking every day or so. I also got some good tips, to try and send small amounts of STEEM first, just to make sure I don't screw up the withdrawal process.

On that note, Binance doesn't take in SBD, so how do I transfer that to STEEM? Steempeak has a simple "convert to STEEM" option, but that doesn't seem to work. Will I be needing to create an account with another exchange that supports SBD?

Thanks for all the help, mate :-)

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

Converting SBD (and HBD, on Hive) takes 3.5 days. After 3.5 days from starting the conversion, you get the equivalent value of the SBD in STEEM, which the network figures out by taking the median value of the witness price feeds for the last 3.5 days. Hope you don't mind the mini-lesson. :)

Looking again at your account on this page,
your STEEM and SBD are in savings balances. These take 3 days (not related to conversion) to get back into liquid. If you wish to be ready to move and sell them, assuming any exchange touches Steem again, you'll want to transfer them back to yourself from savings balances.

Thanks for the detailed info, mate. I'm beginning to understand more on how this works now, I think :-)


Back when I heard news on the hard-fork, I transferred my STEEM and SBD into my Savings, since I had planned to Withdraw them completely. I thought that was the right move, to transfer them to my balances. Was that the right move? So, since I made the transfer into my Savings about a day or so ago, does that mean I have to wait 2 more days until it turns liquid, so I can then convert that SBD into STEEM?

Sorry for the confusion, by the way, and cheers for the guide!

No worries. The funds in savings will become liquid 3 days from the time you transfer them back to yourself. They can stay in your account as liquid indefinitely until you want to transfer them to a greater-fool's exchange :)

... transfer them back to yourself.

Oh, so that means in order to make a Withdrawal from Steemit, I have to get the funds out of Savings, and back to regular STEEM?


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On a side-note, Peakd's new post to blog and Community feature is working well, and it's awesome!

A new State order beckons, and you will kneel, or you will bleed. I can no longer be neutral, nor can I stand idly-by. I have to choose, so here's my reluctant farewell.

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