Cabin Fever got me Bad: A Traveller's Sentiments

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I used to travel. A lot.

I have never felt so free when I started travelling.

Shy. Bookworm. Firstborn. Conservative.
Get the picture?

Being the firstborn and first granddaughter of my family, great things were expected from me. And I didn't disappoint them, of course. But it took a toll on me and I ended up not myself anymore.

I wanted to stand up for myself and achieve something that is a "success" on my terms. Not a medal. Not a diploma. Not a "perfect" daughter image. So that's when I decided to go travelling.

My mom was simply against it. Even when I was still a kid. She didn't even let go to a school tour, for goodness sake. But I can't blame her. She's just being protective.

I started my baby steps.

2016. I went out with my friends on a 4-day trip to the beautiful Bantayan Island in Cebu. I had a bad case of food poisoning there. As my first travel ever, I think I might have eaten too much seafood without parental supervision. 😂

2017. I went out with the company to Roxas City, Capiz. It was my first time riding a plane. We got into a connecting flight so I got into the plane three times that day. The seafood there was heavenly. Talk about fresh and fat oysters and shrimps! I didn't get food poisoning this time. All was eaten in moderation and with a few beers.

This was their private rock island

Late 2017. I got to go to Bacolod via land travel! Me and my fellow Psychometricians went there for a workshop and a few detours (if you know what I mean). We got around tasting one grilled chicken and batchoy after another.

Look what welcomed us on a pit stop

Summer of 2018. Me and a few girlfriends went to the south part of Cebu City, specifically Dalaguete, and hiked one of its popular mountains, Osmeña Peak.


October 2018. I also went around the south of Cebu purely on commute. Me and a friend made stops. Osmeña Peak in Dalaguete. Tumalog Falls in Oslob. Sumilon Island via Oslob. As we curved around the south of Cebu, we got off at Kawasan Falls in Alegria. As fun as it sounds, it was super tiring.

Kawasan Falls

November 2018. I went around Manila and visited the Philippine Arena in Bulacan, People's Park in Tagaytay (got a glimpse of Taal Volcano) and SM Mall of Asia. We were visiting my family there and it was quite a reunion.

Almost zero visibility fog in Tagaytay

February 2019. I went to Davao ALONE. Please don't tell my mother. And not bad for a first solo travel. Thank goodness that Davao was the safest city in the Philippines. But I gotta admit, I was so terrified. I have never been so scared in my life. I was always half expecting I'd be kidnapped in the next hour. They have the best chocolate and coffee shop there. Not a fan of their famous durian, though.

Island-hopping alone in Samal Island

March 2019. I went on an impulsive island-hopping trip in a nearby island in Cebu -- Olango Island. It only takes a day to experience the entire island and it's the perfect quick getaway.

Off to bird-watching

April 2019. This time, I was with my family. I thought it was the same as last time. I was wrong. This time, we got to see the whale sharks in Oslob. Downright terrifying, I gotta tell you that. Adrenaline rush, however, made it so fun! Whale sharks seem to have tiny teeth.


May 2019. Me and a friend went to Malapascua for a retreat. I was not myself at that time and wanted to unwind. With no itinerary, we just went around the island and came across a white beach and the most perfect sunset.


June 2019. Me and my family decided to treat ourselves with an all-out tour in Camotes Island. I've been there a lot of times but haven't really visited one of its tourist places. Camotes Island has the most wonderful caves! Just don't go in any of it if you're claustrophobic. There were caves that were a bit scary. Also, make sure you visit Tulang Diot. It's an island from an island with the whitest and finest sand you'll ever see.


September 2019. I'm sorry. It was a promo flight. I just had to. And I'm happy that I did. Going to Taiwan was my first international trip. All was well until we got stranded on a typhoon. It surely made our trip memorable.


December 2019. Boracay -- an unexpected check on my bucketlist. And yes, this was another promo flight. No wonder we got cancelled twice. Just kidding. Boracay was simply beautiful. Its white, fine sand helps you relax and it has the most breathtaking sunset. I'm a sucker for sunsets, you see.


That's about it. Oh wait, I've been hopping from one mountain resort to another across Cebu. Me and my boyfriend just love the view and the breeze from hilltops.

Well, that's really really all of it. I had to make a list (at least for my sake)

I still had plans.

Was supposed to go back to Boracay
Was supposed to go to Siquijor
Had special plans in Bantayan Island
Got a friend to visit in Bohol

But this happened.

And I can't help but feel a bittersweet kind of depression while summing these up. That's why I've stopped writing for a while.

What's happening right now is not something we can control. And as much as we would like to go out again, it's just not possible yet.

It's so fun to relive the memories and look back at photos and
I just can't shake away that feeling of nostalgia.

When can we go out again?

I know this is just a phase. And we still have our whole lives ahead of us (I hope). But the feeling is just like missing someone whom you've felt like home.

I miss travelling.
I miss looking forward to it.
I miss the adrenaline.
I miss the sunsets by the beach.
I miss the hilltop air.
I miss collecting magnet souvenirs.
I miss Google translating my way around.
I miss trying out food I wasn't supposed to eat.
I miss the clumsy travelling me.

You see, it wasn't just travelling. It was like finding an untapped potential within myself.
Building that inner strength.
Getting comfortable with your decisions.
Having fun despite getting lost along the way.

Isn't that what life is all about?

Travel is the perfect metaphor for life.

I came across this line and it was on-point and beautifully expressed:

"Travel -- not to escape life but for life not to escape us"

I couldn't agree more.


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Thanks, @hivebuzz
Appreciate it :)

You are very welcome @tangatraveller! Great to see more travellers around 😉
cheers, lizanomadsoul from hivebuzz team

You see, it wasn't just travelling. It was like finding an untapped potential within myself.
Building that inner strength.
Getting comfortable with your decisions.
Having fun despite getting lost along the way.

I agree! I also miss traveling. Whenever I reminisce those time that I had my fun-filled travel experience, I couldn't help but feel sad. Hayyyysss. Let's just hold on and hopefully, travel is possible again soon.

Here's to holding on 💪

You know what, you have actually been a good daughter /granddaughter that is why all these trips does happened to you, although I am a little bit envy about you going around our beloved country because the only place I have been to was Tagaytay and of course Manila area, hahahahaha. But I am happy indeed you have experienced all these travel adventures, it's going to be kept in your heart for sure. I wish that one day you can visit my home town, Bicol, give a ring and I can give you a free accommodation to my house, otherwise, I can accompany you to our Little Boracay, 'Calaguas Island' and Bagasbas beaches. I'll be going home for good soon, this year, God willing. If you're into it, drop me a message, okay. -Ate Eden here.

Wow. I'm excited all over again! Sure, I'll send you a message if I get the chance to go to Bicol. Is it really where Bicol Express is originated? Just a bit curious. And thanks for dropping by, Ate Eden 😄

Hehehe. Yes indeed. Bicol express is from Bicol ♥️♥️♥️ because Bicolanos love to eat spicy dishes and one of that is the Bicol express (it has pork belly, coconut cream, shrimp paste, green chilli and garlic) , drop me a note should you get the chance. I can cook one for ya ♥️ Take care always, -Ate Eden

Cool! You really travel a lot of places. If there is no pandemic where is your travel today?

I'm pretty sure I'm in Lambug Beach in Badian, Cebu right now HAHA

@tangatraveller you are really TRAVELER :D

Thanks! But now, just a traveller at heart. 😊

Wow! What a list you have here. 😲
I get the frustration you are feeling right now-- all those plans halted indefinitely. Let's pray this pandemic gets over really soon that we can somehow get back to the way we were...
Cheer up! 🤗

Yeah, that's part of my prayers every day -- getting back to the way it was. And thanks! That means a lot 😊

I miss collecting magnet souvenirs.

This sentence sums up the whole travel adventure experience. Whenever I get anything from the refrigerator, it always hits me like a bolt of lightning that there is still space to put another one in. So, hopefully, things will get better and we will get to add magnet souvenirs we will put on our ref doors. Congrats @tangatraveller. Keep safe. :)

And here I thought I was the only one doing that -- collecting ref magnets. Yeah, there's still a lot of space left for new ones and looking forward to filling it up. And thanks! Keep safe as well :)

Welcome po @tangatraveller. All the best to you...

Beautiful ♥️ I can relate 😂 What travel is to you, it's dancing for me. I feel more like myself when I do. Enough with being the "perfect" daughter, let's live our lives according to how we want them to be 😁 Subscribed! Hope you can blog more, I'd like to read more of your thoughts.

Yess, it's like travelling is a new kind of art. And thanks! You'd be expecting more blogs from me soon. Also did a follow back 😉