The Amazing Harvest Moon From Shibuya

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On a whim I headed down to Shibuya last night to take pictures. As luck would have it, I was in the right place at the right time.

As I was walking around I decided to go up Dogenzaka instead of my normal route of going up Center Gai. I noticed a guy taking a photo of the Shibuya Scramble Square building and looked in that direction. That's when I saw this amazing scene.


The moon was positioned perfectly in between the Scramble & Hikarie buildings.


Within a few seconds a crowd had grown and we were all snapping pictures of the rare occurrence.


I snapped a few more pictures before moving on.



That wasn't the only great moonscape I caught though. As I continued walking around I wound up towards the end of Center Gai and caught this scene.


I like this shot as the clouds are enveloping the moon.




Moving on I headed back towards Dogenzaka to stop by Good Beer Faucets for a pint. Another opportunity presented itself.


Ending the night I spotted one more moon.....



That's Sakura Exchange Bitcoin. They are a bitcoin services company that you can sell to, they can help you manage, invest, etc.

It was a great night in Shibuya. I took a ton of other pictures that I'll put in another post later.

All pictures taken on my iPhone 11.

Thanks for reading!


Excellent photos, @rt395, where you show us that it is possible to continue contemplating or enjoying nature (the moon and its celestial field, in this case), even in an environment dominated by the constructions and technology of a world that seems to deny it. Thank you and best regards.

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Thank you for the comment. Japan, despite it's appearance, has a strong relationship with nature. Much of the country is mountainous and full of hiking trails. The cities are still a bit lacking, but that is true for most cities.

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The moon looks amazing here, and the view of the city is gorgeous. I can’t wait to visit Shibuya one day…

Thanks. It was luck I was there.

Don't give up on your desire to visit. It's a one of a kind place and incredibly fun.

Thanks a lot!
I wish I could go next year, I hope so. Enjoy the place while your there.