Cats of St.Petersburg

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I almost forgot its Caturday today! So, I want you to get acquainted with this kitty I stumbled upon on the streets of St.Petersburg.


Actually, we met him in the local park, when we had a walk with my babygirl. It was our second encounter -- the 1st one was rather brief, he was in a hurry for his cat business, and I didnt change manual mode and ruined all of the pics I made xD


This time he was in no hurry, same as me. We met at a good distance -- I was equipped with tele lens, and started taking pics while approaching him.

I think, he was checking the air -- what's up in the outer world. Same as we, he was sick of sitting in the lockdown.

IMG_1532 A K.jpg


Look into his intelligent, wise, calm eyes. This creature is living a life in perfection. I am really fascinated with his eyes and his sight.





He spent with us 8 or 10 minutes; not posing, not studying us, not being careful, not running away, not protecting his personal space - this was amazing case, it rarely happens when I approach other folk's cats. He just was himself.


location: Russian countryside date: May 2020 natural light
camera/lens: Canon 5D Canon 70-300mm raw-conv.
f4.5 t 1/60 ISO 400 natural lighting

Happy Caturday!

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Manually curated by blacklux 💡Ice cream slayer 🍦 from the Qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

oh, @blacklux, I hate ice-cream so I use to ruin it down whenever i can grab it... recently only was able to slay down a single one ( cherry edition )
he are drowning in heat here.. cheerio!

I'm also a cookie and cake slayer! I slay only the things I can eat! 😂

Да, красивая кошка!

судя по морде.... я более чем уверен что это кот, "он"... а как вам кажется?

Думаю что вы правы :-)))