The Hermitage Effect

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"The Hermitage Effect"

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Very often it happens that people live without noticing how much beauty is around them. They just have to shake their heads around. Yesterday I drove 50 kilometers from my city and was shocked by the beauty of our land. It's strange, only 50 kilometers! This is my first visit to this amazing village, which has 9 temples!
I remember being surprised by a resident of Amsterdam. I asked him where the main art Rijksmuseum is located. He replied he could not tell where it was because he had never been there. However, every second resident of St. Petersburg has never been to the Hermitage. We can call this stereotype "The Hermitage Effect"


Your fields are endless, my native land. The wind shakes flowers and herbs. Clouds swirl in the bottomless sky, drawing patterns beyond analysis.


We stopped the car on the side of the road. The locals passing by do not understand our interest. Their faces show surprise - What are you photographing here? There is nothing interesting here! Nothing has changed here for centuries.

Stand by

Sincerely yours


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